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Post by Galvatron on Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:11 am

In this section we can add any online store that sales TF related material.
Simply title the thread with the store name then post a link and a description of what is sold on that site.
Try to include the country the website is based in. This is important for shipping cost reasons.
After you make your post, that thread is open for Feedback discussion only.

Be aware that GALVATRON'S LAIR nor any of it's members are affiliated with any of the links posted.
This is for your own pleasure to browse these websites.
If you have any bad deals with any of these links, you must take it up with that website and not GALVATRON'S LAIR nor any of it's members.
You may post any feedback in the proper thread.
If you do get good or bad experiences with these sites, we all would like to know.

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