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Planet X Caelus review

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Planet X Caelus review

Post by SuperOmegaPrime on Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:42 pm

Ok, I'm doing a quick review of Planet X Caelus, AKA Not Swoop:

I'll start off in Dino Mode, I can't say how faithful to FOC game version he is because I haven't gotten around to playing the game yet (me being lazy):

The Dino mode of this figure looks a lot more beefier than the TFA Swoop, TFA Swoop is a good figure, thou his weapon was kind of boring!

Side view:

Back, on his back, the flaps are adjustable, by that I mean they can go up and down:

Trasformation isn't quite as straight forward as it looks, his robot mode shoulders and his back need to unlock and slide up to get a proper height for their place in Robot mode, also on his legs, there's two flaps, one each, that open up to fill out the sides of his legs a bit!

Robot mode:

Side view of the robot mode:

Back view:

The wings can be adjusted to personal preference, yet on soft surfaces it can be troublesome for his balancing issues

Close up of his head:

His head is pretty nice to be honest, thou they attempted to give him light piping for this mode, it doesn't work well because of the way his head is designed, yet if you look at it from the side against a bright light, you'll see the effect!

Articulation is great, no waist movement thou!

Weapons are two swords and two guns, the swords are similar to Grimlock's but not the same, the weapons can be stored upon the wings or under his arms in robot mode!

Overall, this is a great figure, maybe one day Planet X might repaint this guy into G1 cartoon colours, but that's for them to decided, for their second outing, Swoop is a lovely figure, nothing I can say is bad about him save for the light piping in robot mode, the dino mode has piping and works better because of the fact its head forms most of his chest! Its hard to say if he truly greater than the TFA Swoop, because that's a great figure as well, do I recommend him, I say yeah, I do, if you want him and can afford him, I say get him, he'll look good with FOC Grimlock!


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