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Generations 30th Voyager Sandstorm

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Generations 30th Voyager Sandstorm

Post by Detective Barricade on Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:02 am

A while back, I reviewed Generations 30th Voyager Springer. When it was originally announced that they were going to do a Voyager Sandstorm, I was intrigued. Said intrigue died when it was revealed that he was going to be just a repaint and retool of Springer. Why? Because usually that means just a new head and maybe a new weapon accessory if they're feeling generous. Doubledealer, the repaint/retool of Blitzwing whom I've already reviewed, only got the new head. He still has all the same problems Blitzwing does, but now includes that he doesn't really look any different from Blitzwing other than a different head. For those curious as to what those problems are, go check out my Blitzwing review. I'm moving on to cover Sandstorm, and why I decided to buy the toy after all.

Sandstorm's first alternate mode is a dune buggy of some sort. And right away it's clear that for this guy Hasbro went extensive on the retooling. Translucent blue is still present here, and black for the wheels, but black is much more prevalent on Sandstorm than it was with Springer. There's also orange and yellow-orange here, too. For paint, there's silver on the hubs and more black for some spots as well as champagne for the headlights. While the rear wheels being so huge is kind of ridiculous, I do like that they force the vehicle mode to sit differently than Springer, which helps to make them stand out from each other better. I also dig the other vehicle mode's tail folding over the roof and covering the side windows for a further different look. For features, he can roll and he has a missile launcher that can plug into the roof in the back. The handle is on a hinge so it can be angled up or down if you like, and a pressure launch missile that's fired by pushing the black barrel back. To load it again, you need to hold this part forward so the ball will pass the claw.

Now, I originally thought that Sandstorm would have the same problem of the side window pieces not always wanting to stay in place for this mode, but would be all but completely covered up by the tail. Well, the latter doesn't really cover it up much. However, it doesn't matter because unlike with Doubledealer, Sandstorm's retooling actually helped to fix this problem as the chest panels don't get snagged on the neck piece easily this time, thus they plug in and stay in perfectly once finished transforming into this mode. So how about a size comparison?

Well naturally he's going to be the same size as Springer... but this gives an ample opportunity to see the differences between them just in this mode. So let's get to the aerial mode, shall we?

Transformation to this mode is almost the same as it is for Springer. However, there are a couple of differences outside of the new parts. First up, the new lower leg parts actually peg together in the back. Secondly, the feet need to be tipped down this time. Thirdly, the arms actually do peg in somewhere in this mode where they weren't with Springer. Finally, and most notably is how the arms transform. Springer had the arm fold over to the side an the panel with the fin plugged onto the cover panel. The joint just below the elbow to do this still exists on Sandstorm, but instead the arms transform just like they do for robot mode except leaving the fist inside the arm.

This mode is a VTOL aircraft, and while not at all accurate to G1 Sandstorm, is still extremely cool and VERY different from Springer's helicopter mode. I'll get the feature of this mode out of the way: Just like Springer, Sandstorm's gun can attach underneath the nose. And while this time there's a molded in landing wheel to try and make this seem fine, it looks every bit as ridiculous here as it did with Springer. I'll leave it up to your imagination what it looks like, because I'm not taking a picture of it. You still could attach it to the top in one of two holes up there...but it looks horrible there too. What were the rear wheels in dune buggy mode are now the VTOL fans, and due to the transformation they can be tilted forward or back. Not realistically mind you, but you can do it if you like. How about we show off a comparison between Springer and Sandstorm in this mode?

Again, basically the same length, though Springer's rotor is slightly longer than Sandstorm's wingspan. And now for the robot mode!

Transformation is exactly the same as it is with Springer for the most part, but the back kibble needs to fold on itself. The tail can just fold down against his back, but it's meant to peg in sticking up behind his head with the tail rudders folded behind it as a nod to G1 Sandstorm. And since the light-piping is channeled through the top of his head, the tail doesn't interfere in the slightest. Surprisingly for having so much stuff on his back, and having the VTOL fans pointed back a click, (this is optional) Sandstorm's balance is perfectly fine provided you remember to push his heels down against the ground when you set him down. Otherwise, he will take a tumble. Articulation is exactly the same as it is on Springer, though the waist is completely unhindered here. And he can hold his gun or store it on his back. Let's do one more comparison between the two, because I can.

That should put it into perspective just how much was changed. Also, here's the dirty little secret of this mold: Sandstorm is the original, Springer is the repaint/retool. The mold was originally based on Nick Roche's (the guy who did the Last Stand of the Wreckers series with James Roberts and is working on the More Than Meets the Eye series) concept art for Sandstorm and then worked from there to get Springer out of it.

So for the conclusion. If you absolutely can't stand that this doesn't represent G1 Sandstorm, or already have Springer and don't care for owning the same mold twice even with all of its changes, then you're better off passing. However, if you don't fall under these categories, then I can't recommend Sandstorm highly enough. He is every bit as awesome as Springer and has more than enough different about him to stand out. And hey, when a mold is this good, it's hard to say no to owning it again.

Now where's Broadside? Ah well. While I wait, I may as well have my Warbot Assaulter fill in for him.


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Re: Generations 30th Voyager Sandstorm

Post by Sixshot on Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:33 am

Another great review! I passed on this guy several times in stores, 'cause I'm just not in love with the robot mode and that's what I'd display him in most of the time. Maybe it's the long lanky legs (for some reason Springer has thicker thighs/calves), the back kibble hanging off or just the colors.....idk, but I like Sandstorm as a character, maybe I just didn't want another version of this mold like you said. And I didn't know Springer was the retool, that's interesting!


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