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Age of Extinction Deluxe Drift

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Age of Extinction Deluxe Drift

Post by Detective Barricade on Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:57 pm

Another Age of Extinction toy review? Yes. This time it's Drift, who retains his back story of having defected from the Decepticons to the Autobots and preference for swords.

While Drift was a triple changer in the movie, the toy only has his Bugatti Veyron alternate mode and not the helicopter mode. He's cast in blue, black, and translucent blue for the windows. For paint, there's blue and black, but also silver, a beautiful metallic electric blue, and tiny dot of red for where the Bugatti logo would be on the grille. (really too small to be much more detailed than that) I'm actually impressed by how closely the blue paint matches the blue plastic, but I kind of wish the metallic electric blue carried over to just behind the front wheel. However, the back panel doesn't really sit down as far as it should no matter how much pushing or adjusting I try... Still, it's not like it's just flopping around loosely despite how it feels. For accessories, you have his dull gold swords. All four of them. (two small wakizashi, two katana) Despite what some reviewers have said about the katana dragging when stored underneath the car, I haven't found this to be the case. And one of mine bends downward slightly, so if this were true I would have noticed. He also rolls. Naturally.

Transformation to robot mode is easy enough, but there's a couple of things to note when going back to vehicle. His hands need to tuck in behind the leg armor, and the hinge the roof is attached to is on a slider. The robot mode for Drift is actually pretty cool. He's very clearly based on a samurai in armor. Gold is introduced for his face, though his face is a little mushed looking. I appreciate the effort to hide the front wheels on his shoulder armor, even if that might have been more of just a coincidence than intentional. His swords store on the rear panel, fanned out more or less like they were in the movie...though I would have liked if the handles were able to point up, especially with the katana. You know, so it would look like he could actually grab them without cutting his hand or dulling the blades. Maybe I'm just crazy. Drift has about 17 points of articulation to take advantage of. This includes ratchets in his elbows and for the outward hip joints. Something to note however is that his hips, while individually articulated, will move together if you don't hold the leg you don't wish to move. And sadly, he has no wrist articulation aside from being able to bend inward if you want him to look like his wrists are broken. At least his shoulder armor is a separate piece within the shoulder assembly, so it can move out of the way if needed.

Now, I'm not doing a vehicle comparison because he's about the same size as Crosshairs if slightly smaller overall, but I will show off the two together in robot mode.

Pretty close actually, not counting the swords on his back.

So. Recommendation for Drift. I like him. I really do. He's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, so if you like what little I've shown here you'll probably enjoy the figure. And if not, then you aren't really missing anything by leaving him on the shelf. If Hasbro's showing at SDCC '14 is anything to go by, saving money now may very well be a great idea for the really cool stuff coming out in the near future.


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