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Post by Galvatron on Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:37 am

This guy is completely stunning!!

MP Wheeljack 01_zpscd82e373
MP Wheeljack 02_zps63f71264
MP Wheeljack 03_zpsbab0be1c
He comes with a shoulder cannon with missile and a rifle.
MP Wheeljack 04_zpsf1510466
As well as 2 sets of mirrors that you must install yourself.
MP Wheeljack 05_zps3426f7b3
In car mode, you can attach the launcher and missile to the his top
MP Wheeljack 06_zpsa414219a
And his rifle fits perfectly to the under carriage. Which by the way.. shows now evidence of a robot body hidden underneath.
MP Wheeljack 07_zpsbb79cc4b
In robot mode he is fully poseable as with all masterpiece figures. Everything staps together and keeps all parts in place.
MP Wheeljack 08_zps50368f60
The car parts fold and snap into place making a great looking Wheeljack.
MP Wheeljack 10_zps9288134c
His fellow Autobots are glad he made it safely
MP Wheeljack 09_zpse2544183
He scales perfectly with his Masterpiece brethren.

MP Wheeljack MOwE7e1J4mwCEuxIFoie-vQ1_zps26d4a224

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