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Mastermind Creations Reformatted Feral Rex Part 4: R06

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Mastermind Creations Reformatted Feral Rex Part 4: R06

Post by Detective Barricade on Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:17 am

Over a year ago, Mastermind Creations started releasing their Reformatted Feral Cons, their take on the G1 Predacons. They had a bit of competition in the form of Unique Toys' War Lord, which kind of sucked at the very start, and in TFC Toys' Project Ares. But this series of reviews isn't about those guys, it's about Feral Rex! I've covered Bovis and Fortis, Leo Dux, and Talon earlier, so that just leaves Tigris. The resident shock trooper. Technically, Felisaber is still left of the Feralcons, but he's the optional sixth member. He's not out yet, and I don't intend to get him, but most everything I have to say for Tigris can apply to Felisaber as well since he's the same mold just with a different beast and robot mode head.

This is Tigris in beast mode. Given his name, he clearly turns into a yellow submarine. No, it's a robotic tiger. Tigris, being based on the G1 Predacon Rampage, is primarily red and orange with a bit of black. Remember that metallic champagne I've mentioned on the others? It's all over Tigris, too. Teeth picked out in silver, and metallic gold for his eyes rounds out his colors. Like Leo Dux, he's pretty articulated in beast mode, able to achieve nearly any cat-like pose you'd want out of him with some patience. The spikes on his shoulders are actually screw covers, and are easily removed if you dislike them. Sadly, there's no real hiding his robot mode head just kind of tucked behind the tiger head... For accessories, he includes his pair of blades and his guns, plus Leo Dux's cannon, and (at least the initial run) the COMPLETION KIT. This kit provides the extra weapons and 5mm ports to fill in Bovis, Fortis, and Talon's inner forearms if their hollowness bugs you or you feel that for some reason they need even more weapons. It also includes a filler piece for the top of the waist armor/shield for Leo Dux, which never needs to be removed. All entirely optional and unnecessary, but nice to have the option. His personal accessories can store on his shoulders or on the torso.

Once again, a size comparison is in order...

And once again, Dr. Crank doesn't seem so big. A little note, Tigris and Talon share a basic skeleton. So, if you have Talon, you can turn Tigris' body around and slap Talon's wings on his back for this:

Tigerhawk? Is that you? Er, to robot mode!

Transformation is pretty similar to Talon... with sort of an element of Bovis/Fortis in how the hind legs are dealt with. One major change though is now there's a knee guard that must be freed in order to open those leg panels. They're pretty tight, so it's not that easy to do. Getting the shoulders to slide properly is... a bit of a trick, but not hard once you know how to do it. The robot mode is definitely Rampage... er, not the Beast Wars Rampage, the G1 Predacon Rampage that could be pacified by sticking some mindless drivel of a TV program in front of him. Survivor, anyone? Big Brother, perhaps? Thankfully, the tail is now attached to his left leg, rather than being in... an unfortunate place. Yellow in his face and metallic red for the eyes are the only new colors in this mode. He retains all 26 points of articulation that Talon has, not counting the wings. Though you can attach Talon's wings to him in this mode...

"Violence will not be tolerated. Surrender, or... I kill you all!"

His shoulders are a little off-center due to how they transform, which is unfortunate but not the end of the world. He has the easiest time equipping his blades - they just slide right in to his waiting hands like his guns do. (and Leo Dux's cannon if you really want) Tigris also reveals one extra accessory... a sort of Matrix shaped 'vacuum bomb' shown in his included comic/instructions, revealed by opening his chest. For another feature, we need a special guest... ROTF Leader Optimus Prime.

"Give me your FACE! ALL OF THEM!"

Yes, he includes a toy accurate red mouthplate face and a cartoon accurate yellow mouthplate face, swapped around by RIPPING HIS CURRENT FACE OFF and sliding the new one on in its place. Also, shot of the vacuum bomb... and size comparison next to ROTF Optimus. If that doesn't help you, he's about the same size as Talon.

It must have sucked for people waiting for just Tigris to come out when the Feralcons were announced if they were only after him. It kind of always is for the last member of the team for anyone if that's their favorite. I can say that it certainly was a pain to have to wait for him after finally getting Talon, even though it wasn't that long of a wait. THANKFULLY, Tigris is in no way the weak man on the team, the guy you have to get if you want to BUILD GIANT ROBOT! *cough*TFC Toys Neckbreaker*cough* Tigris has perhaps my favorite of the beast modes, and is just plain awesome in robot mode. He's entirely worth getting just on his own, which is important for Felisaber, the optional sixth member who shares this mold but with different heads and a couple different weapon accessories.

So that's it! That's all the Feralcons... individually. I have mentioned BUILD GIANT ROBOT! through each of these guys' reviews... I guess I ought to cover that next.


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Re: Mastermind Creations Reformatted Feral Rex Part 4: R06

Post by SuperOmegaPrime on Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:39 am

Detective Barricade wrote:

Predaking back when he was just a prince and learning to become a mighty hunter! hehehe


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