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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 1 - Blindfire

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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 1 - Blindfire

Post by Detective Barricade on Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:43 am

Maketoys is a company that I've mentioned before, but haven't had the pleasure to own anything made by them until now. This review series will be of the (as of this review) latest in their MTCombiner series, Quantron. There will be no conclusion until the end because of one important factor - Quantron comes as a set, just like Type 61 Giant before it and more than likely Guardia after it. At any rate, let's get on to reviewing these Technobots in spirit with Blindfire!

Blindfire's alternate mode is a space-age alien fighter craft. Looks like something straight out of Gradion. He sports the traditional G1 strafe colors of white, light grey, and red, though sports translucent orange for his guns and in a few other places. Most of these are merely pegged in place, not glued in, so they can pop out if you're not careful. A metallic gunmetal adorns the rear wings. The default configuration for the vehicle mode is very sleek, but the blades to either side of the cockpit may be removed, and the translucent orange guns plugged in their place for a more G1 toy look if that's what you want. As for what Blindfire can do in this mode... well... not really much of anything, really. He can be picked up and flown about the room in your hand, and that's fun, but that's it. Not dissimilar to your average jet transformer at this size. Speaking of size...

That's next to FansProject's Causality Car Crash, their take on the Stunticon Breakdown I reviewed a while ago. Blindfire is a bit longer thanks to the blade bits on the front. Why Car Crash? The reason will be revealed soon, but for now let's look at the robot mode.

Transformation is by far the easiest of all five of these guys, but the robot mode clearly looks like a modern take on Strafe... that isn't a dinosaur. (though perhaps built by one in a moment of brilliance) The colors remain unchanged. The blades become swords for him to wield or store by plugging in to the back of his shoulders. His guns can peg in there as well if he's using the swords, or plug into the swords if you only want him holding one weapon or none at all. That's more than some of the others do... He's got about 20 points of articulation for whatever poses you may have in mind, including a waist if you move the mysterious gold and silver piston on his back out a little.

With this size comparison, Blindfire and Car Crash clearly have more in common than just height. The shoulder workings are almost identical between them, and the hands are very similarly molded. (Blindfire's are swivels, not ball joints) They even share a similar almost anime super robot styling to them that FansProject shows in most of its works. The quality I find is... not quite up to FansProject's own typically excellent quality, but it's close.

If you just want this mold, there is an option in the form of Ripper. Ripper is the Shattered Glass version, colored like G1 Terrorcon Cutthroat, available on Maketoys' own webstore as well as a couple of retailers like Ages Three and Up. I don't know about Maketoys' store itself, but other retailers have him for upwards of $100. I don't think this mold is worth nearly that much, but then Ripper is a very limited run.


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