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Shrapnel's Scrap

Post by Shrapnel on Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:02 pm

Updated 8/10/09

Miscellaneous odds 'n ends for trade here.

Other items not pictured in the above link (but pictures can be provided):

Universe 2.0 (Classics) Galvatron (+ instructions, missile and cardback) - Nothing wrong with him beyond the ridiculously poor quality control from the factory (his arm will fall off if you even think about touching it)

Energon Starscream (dark grey version) (w/ 1 missile)

G1 Weapons/Accessories:

Anti-Tank Cannon (orange and grey) for Action Master Grimlock
Turbo Board for Action Master Jazz

G1 for Parts:

Skalor (dorsal fin broken off and lots of sticker wear, no accessories)
Outback (missing right arm and rub sign, no accessories)
Part of the tank shell and one of the purple guns from the Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base
Blue scout vehicle from the Micromaster Rocket Base
Skyhopper large brown helicopter

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