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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 2 - Celeritas

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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 2 - Celeritas

Post by Detective Barricade on Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:38 am

Maketoys is a company that I've mentioned before, but haven't had the pleasure to own anything made by them until now. This review series will be of the (as of this review) latest in their MTCombiner series, Quantron. There will be no conclusion until the end because of one important factor - Quantron comes as a set, just like Type 61 Giant before it and more than likely Guardia after it. I've reviewed Blindfire already, so let's go Lightspeed... er, Celeritas. Let's go with Celeritas next...

Celeritas' alternate mode is a futuristic car, one that can probably go very, very fast. Dark grey and red are the main colors, with a little translucent orange and loads of both silver and gunmetal paint added in to make this car pop. Unlike Blindfire, all of the translucent orange pieces are secured in place - they're not coming out. There's no real alternate configurations possible with him, but you can plug his pair of cannons onto the sides. As for what he can do... well, he can roll. Exciting, I know, but he and Overheat, who we'll get to soon enough, are the only ones who roll, and Celeritas is the best at it. At least with my copy of the set. Er, how about a size comparison?

I showed Blindfire off next to Car Crash, but for the other limb guys, they're getting compared next to T-Bone. I didn't feel like transforming Car Crash back when T-Bone is almost the exact same size. And here, Celeritas and T-Bone are pretty close to the same size. (also, the guns mounted like I mentioned a little earlier) Time to go to this Lightspeed-alike's robot mode.

Transformation is not hard, but the robot mode looks cool... tabs sticking up on the forearms notwithstanding. (I guess I should mention that these guys are packaged in robot mode, but I didn't find it that difficult even if the instructions are... less than helpful sometimes for some of them) A far cry from the original Lightspeed, but still seems like a nice evolution of him. A dark red is introduced here in his limbs, as well as cyan for the eyes. The only place for his guns is in his hands, unfortunately, but there's a little something that can (and has to) be done with them. A chunk of each of the front wheels can come off and plug underneath the guns like an ammo magazine. The nice part of this is unless you know what to look for, you'd almost never notice where the wheels come apart. The seams are that good at disguising themselves. Unfortunately, nothing locks the wheel in place, so what's left will flop towards the ground like in the picture. Celeritas features about 17 points of articulation, though you can bump it up to 18 by popping the front part of the windshield plugged into his lower back out, albeit slightly off-center. His wrists also don't turn that great, and I REALLY wish his head didn't flop around on the transformation hinge. He's about the same size as Blindfire, so just go look at the robot mode comparison in that review for an idea on how this guy scales. I'm also not going to go into conclusions because Celeritas is part of the set, not sold individually.


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