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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 4 - Overheat

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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 4 - Overheat

Post by Detective Barricade on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:39 pm

Maketoys is a company that I've mentioned before, but haven't had the pleasure to own anything made by them until now. This review series will be of the (as of this review) latest in their MTCombiner series, Quantron. There will be no conclusion until the end because of one important factor - Quantron comes as a set, just like Type 61 Giant before it and more than likely Guardia after it. If you've been following along with this series of reviews, you'll know I've covered Blindfire, Celeritas, and Metalstorm. Two more remain, and today we look at Overheat.

Overheat turns into a futuristic/alien motorcycle, kind of but not quite like a Tron light-cycle. Orange is the main plastic color here, with white, dark grey, grey, and clear plastic all contributing. Where's the clear plastic? it's almost entirely painted in orange and silver, which is joined by gunmetal elsewhere. He honestly... doesn't look much like G1 Afterburner in this mode, but this is much sleeker than that "MacGyver-esque" look of old. (he was built out of whatever bits of Unicron's head Grimlock had lying around, after all) On mine, he doesn't roll very well in the rear unfortunately. I'm not sure if this is common or not, but I bring it up nonetheless. Other than that, he can equip his weapons - a rifle that mounts in the back helping to hide the head... and a pair of rocket launchers to blow the ever-living snot out of anything in the way. (said rocket launchers are non-firing, and feature some translucent red for the business ends) What an upgrade from the original toy's weapons! Hm, but about his size...

Overheat next to T-Bone. Much taller, but that's to be expected of motorcycle robots that are otherwise similar length as a car. Now we get to the robot mode.

Transformation isn't hard per say, but there's one rather scary element, and that is deploying the feet. The panels they're attached to pull out and spin to various positions before springing back down into the new position. The first couple of times doing this genuinely feel as though something is going to break. It doesn't help that the panel bends and flexes a bit, furthering the illusion that it's about to snap and leave you in quite the pickle due to these guys only being available as a set. After that, though, you become more comfortable doing it with the knowledge that it's not going to break. The robot mode again doesn't really look much like Afterburner aside from the general color layout. He still looks cool though, and fits in with the rest of the team. He features the same 20 points of articulation as Blindfire in roughly the same spots including moving that mysterious gold and silver piston on his back down a little. He's also the same size as Blindfire. Overheat can either hold his rifle in his hand and plug the rocket launchers in his shoulders using the insides of his rear wheel, or combine the weapons together into a large hammer. Unfortunately, the launchers don't come completely together, and where they connect must be towards the bottom leaving an...unsightly opening at the top. Still, the idea of him being able to play Whack-a-Mole with some poor saps' heads is an entertaining one.


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