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Deszaras want

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Deszaras want

Post by Deszaras on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:30 pm

Correct as of time of posting
G1 wants

Repugnus - complete

G1 dinobots (slag,sludge - complete. No missile launchers or missiles required C8-9)

G1 Insecticons (bombshell, kickback, shrapnel, complete C-8)

liokaiser: Jaruga - right hand set of missiles, killbison - tank cannons, Leosack - liokaiser head. {would also like breast animals for all six members. }

Dinoking/dinosaur force -tf victory (I need:
Must have both parts to shell and interior robots.)

G1 Darkwing (Right laser only)

Cassettes: (steeljaw- complete, ramhorn - complete {gold weapons}, grandslam and raindance - both complete.) [Eject and rewind will be acquired only after i get these]

Starscream - complete {does not need to have the short missiles, will not need if I get the universe/classics/henkei version}

seawing - good cond, accessories optional.

Quake - complete

Skystalker (Micromasters) - complete

jetfire - bot only or complete

Victory leo - complete

Star saber - complete

Galaxy shuttle - complete

micromaster countdown - complete

G2 wants

G2 dinobots: Red slag - complete, Blue grimlock - gun

Orange constructicons, long haul, scrapper, mix master, bone crusher - all complete with combining parts. Also need a G2 devastator head.

Beast wars wants

Beast wars II/neo sub group:
Magmatron - complete, Lio convoy - complete [normal variant]

RID wants

RID cryotek (Blue TM2 megatron. loose preferred, Figure only [No missiles needed] C8 or better and unbroken.), Brave maximus - complete,
Scourge - would prefer complete but would settle for Bot, trailer and sword only.

Right hand shoulder pad for RID optimus prime. Small gun as well for the same figure.

Armarda wants:

armarda minicon teams ( Air Assault Team, Night Attack Team[broadside and scattor only], Street Speed Team[oval figure only].)

energon wants:

ultra magnus - complete {can be missing missiles}

Galaxy force / Cybertron wants

{all need to be complete c8 or higher}
metroplex/megalo convoy
Brimstone/terra shaver


Classics/universe 2.0

Optimus prime - complete

fracture {movie 2007 mirage repaint} - complete.
Rodimus - loose and good cond preferred


ROTF [will be updated when new figures are shown.]

Devastator ($100 one, would prefer to get when on clearance), EZ collection legends devastator.

Leader class:-
TAKARA: buster Optimus prime,

Human alliance:-

Ramjet, Megatron,, long haul, Bludgeon {Love his robot mode}, Mindwipe {Stealth fighter = Epic WIN!!!!}

Ice cream truck, Lockdown {Not sure on the head design}
Brawn {First impressions, looks great}

Skystalker {you have no idea how happy an omniwing TF will make me}

Other wants

Piranacon parts - R & L fists, R & L feet, Head, Sword

micromaster devastator combiner -, Bonecrusher -complete

Timelines: Deszaras [Complete]

alternators (sunstreaker, Rollbar. don't care about boxes but must be complete with all accessories.)

Brawlicus project: X 1 brawl 6 X brawl twin sonic cannon. Can be any variation. brawls will get repainted.

TF animated (if/when released) electrostatic soundwave, wing blade optimus prime

Other non Tf lines wants:

Red Geist (RED Deathsaurus/deszaras) Brave of Legend Da Garn

Non Tf wants:

Original MMPR megazord:- right wing for pink rangers zord, tail tip for red rangers zord.

Any Z bots - figures and/or vehicles

Go bots:


Zoids: - can be already built as long as all parts are present.

Buster eagle {As long as one or both large black cannons are present I don;t care as I primarily want them}

Sturm tyrann

geno saurer

Evo flyer

Hasbro energy liger

Zoids: Rebirth Century

crimson horn

Macross Zero SV 51 r [black variant]

Skeleton warriors:-
Baron dark, doctor cyborn, dagger, talim, guardian, grimskull - complete, unbroken.
skeleton legion horse and sky cycle - complete
Prince lightstar - accessories.

{red text means pending/preordered/on its way}
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