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Transformers 3 (Nightshade's fan-fic)

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Transformers 3 (Nightshade's fan-fic)

Post by Unicron on Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:54 pm

Transformers 3

Entering the nemisis after retreating, Megatron returns to what is now the only hope left for the survival of the Decepticons. He stood looking at the thousands of protoforms that lined the chamber; the same protoforms that still needed energon to survive, and there still was no energon to be found or made. He stood incensed over the thought of being defeated and of having Optimus live, and of being betrayed by the Fallen. The damages to his face he received were also slowly healing but the damage was pretty deep; it will take time to heal, time he didn’t have.
“This is not over, I will find a way for us to create energon, and to build up my army of decepticon warriors, and when I do then I will crush all the Autobots.” Megatron said out loud while looking at the dyeing protoforms in front of him.
“My liege, I am sure you will find what you need, but how are we going to build up an army?” Starscream asked while still tending to his own battle wounds.
“You’re an idiot Starscream; there is still a chance to get a hold of that machine and the matrix.” Megatron said then stood quietly for a moment as he thought to himself, then he turned and said, “Gather what surviving Decepticons we have together.” He said then he sent a transmission to Soundwave, “Soundwave, return to the Nemisis.”
Soundwave picked up the transmission and responded back in a melocromatic voice that boarded on the edge of really edgy electronic static, and modified radio type of talking, “Soundwave reporting, will be arriving back at the nemisis shortly, currently about 60 nano clicks away from location now.” Soundwave responded as he was already heading back after finishing taking in everything that happened. He knew back when everything went down that he should have returned, but he wanted to make sure he got all the information he could, especially any information on the activity around the Fallen’s great machine. Before leaving he discovered that the autobots had acquired an army of humans to assist in the dismantling and moving of the machine. And because they had no true safe place to put it in human hands, it was sent to Diego Garcia along with the Autobots. Soundwave was pleased with this info because he knew it would make Megatron happy to know what they are doing with it.
As Soundwave made his approach back to mars in Jet mode, he came in low then transformed before landing outside of the Nemisis. He walked into the Nemisis; an imposing looking Decepticon who stood a few feet taller than Megatron.
“Soundwave reporting, information retrieved from the fleshlings primitive satellite system, The Autobots have dismantled what was left of the Fallens Machine and have moved it to the island of Diego Garcia…” Soundwave said than done a special holographic screen display of the info he took which took Megatron barely a nano second to absorb the info.

Starscream turned and walked out of the room where Megatron and Soundwave were and headed to where the stasis pods were. As he was leaving he heard Megatron make a comment he has heard only too much. “At least I have one competent follower.” He said referring to Soundwave’s loyalty. Starscream grumbled to himself as he entered the stasis pod chamber that the normal passengers and not the secret protoforms that were hidden in aboard the ship. He began to wake those that had enough energon to stay online. As he was working at waking everyone he heard two sets of heavy foot falls approach him from behind. He turned to look and saw Thundercracker and Skywarp approaching. He gave a bit of a pause as he noted how the distinct alt modes they took seemed to suite them well. Thundercracker preferred to take one simililar to Starscream’s, only because they were mainly of the same size and mass, only his color pattern was different. Skywarp on the other hand took on the alt mode of an f-35, a jet very similar to Starscream’s, only a bit smaller and nearly solid black with slight purple markings. Skywarp’s personality made up for his slight shorter stature. They stood watching as Starscream opened the stasis pods forcing the occupants to wake from their sleep.

*to be continued in chapters as i go, hope you enjoy and if you have suggestions on who you would like to see in the third movie please give me your opinions and thoughts*
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