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The Shadowcons cannon history

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The Shadowcons cannon history

Post by Unicron on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:51 am

In the beginning, in a dimension filled with life energy, called (ZONE ENERGY), there was only one (SPARK), spawned from primal energies of that plane. The Original Spark had the ability to split and create new (SPARKS). Its offspring shared this ability as well. It divided into several smaller Sparks, each possessing unimaginable power. Some of these Sparks were violent and territorial, while others were peaceful, benevolent and shunned their brutal siblings. Many of the brutal Sparks left the Zone Dimension, spread out across the universe, while the benevolent ones remained behind, growing in wisdom and knowledge.

The violent Sparks devoured all life and destroyed all matter they encountered, growing stronger and stronger. When there was no matter left to devour they turned on each other. Most were destroyed or devoured by a powerful, (DARK SPARK). Some of the violent ones fled to other dimensions to escape the Dark Spark. Eventually all matter was destroyed and all life in the universe devoured. All that was left was the Dark Spark. Finally content, the Dark Spark slumbered.

As it slept, the cosmic fragments of destroyed matter reacted with each other and created a new universe. Many of the benevolent Sparks left the Zone Dimension and nurtured the newborn life that was growing in the universe.

Eventually, the Dark Spark awoke, and without questioning how this new universe came to be, began destroying and devouring anew. All other Sparks but one of the benevolent Sparks were destroyed or devoured by the Dark Spark. This Dark Spark was named (UNICRON) and his lone benevolent sibling Spark was known as (PRIMUS)

UNICRON……..Originally energy based in nature (Spark); Unicron traveled space and time seeking out other Sparks and feeding on their power to grow and become more powerful. Once Unicron tracked down the last of his sibling Sparks, they battled for eons, causing mass destruction. During this time Unicron manifested his power and created a new physical form for himself. Unicron sensed that one day his sibling Spark known as Primus would become more powerful and Unicron’s physical form would be destroyed. To prepare for this he began to place small portions of his life force into capsules, and when, ultimately, his premonition came true, they were teleported throughout the universe. After Unicron’s physical form was destroyed, Primus then tricked Unicron into merging with a (SPHERE) shaped device that Unicron planed on using as a new physical form. This was not to be as this sphere was a prison device crated by Primus to hold Unicron or the (DARK SPARK). Unicron was forever more trapped in this sphere but this fate also was to be that of Primus as it is not known how but Primus was as well trapped in a (CUBE) shaped prison device.

PRIMUS……..While Unicron represented chaos, Primus represented order. The destruction caused by Unicron shocked Primus and he vowed to act as a defender of life throughout the Universe. At this time, Primus took on a physical form. Realizing the destruction caused by there escalating conflict ran counter to his primary goal of defending life, Primus massed enough energy to destroy Unicron’s physical form and trick him into trapping himself in a (SPHERE) shaped prison device but somehow fell to the same fate. As Primus’s energy levels were all but depleted from battling and destroying Unicron’s physical form, Primus was to weak and found himself also trapped in a second (CUBE) shaped prison device.

While trapped in their new prisons, the two would drift through space and over time find new homes. Still in his prison, Unicron drifted until he found himself being pulled into some kind of space storm. It would take him a few hundred years before he finally passed through and into the center of the storm. Once inside, he was aware that there was a small system of three planets and other solar debris that must have also been pulled in and trapped. They orbited a very small dark purple spear of energy. It was not a Star but more a mass of raw dark energy. It gave off a power that seemed familiar. It was Zone Energy; it was the leftover residual energy of (The Original Spark) that had split to create Unicron and all his other sibling Sparks in the past. Unicron had somehow drifted through Space and found his way back to the point where it all first started.

He was back in the Zone Dimension but over time it had changed. It was now a dark lifeless place, a (Void) where things like planets and all types of energies were now trapped. Unicron continued to drift toward it until his spear shaped prison was sucked into the mass of purple energy. It engulfed his prison and his life force inside. A violent merging took place and together, Unicron and the raw energy became one and grew. One of the three orbiting planets was absorbed as it was to close. The other two took energy spikes from the merging and began to glow. Slowly these two planets became dotted with volcanoes and their cores swelled with raw dark energies. Unicron had now swelled and grew to the point that he could very well be a small Star himself. He had become even more powerful than he had ever been in the past. He was somehow still trapped in the sphere prison which was now merged with the raw Zone Energy of The Original Spark. Something was not right. He felt the raw untamed power flowing through him but was not able to move, to reach out and release himself from the prison. Then it came to him. In the past, just before Primus destroyed his physical form, he teleported capsules filled with small amounts of his life force out into the Universe so he would not be ultimately destroyed and one day others would find these capsules, bring them to him and his essence would be whole again. That was it; he needed to find these capsules.

Unicron continued to grow in power. He was able to reach out with his mind, beyond the interference of the surrounding energy storms of the Void as he now called it and taped into the minds of other sentient life. In doing so he was able to track down and find all of the capsules but not before Primus was able to destroy the last capsule, forever imprisoning Unicron in the Void. Unicron used many random races to do his bidding outside of the Void. Some of these races would become his Dark Disciples. One such race was an organic lizard type race known as the (QUINTESSONS) that lived on a number of planets in what is known as (THE ESHEMS NEBULA).

Some time had passed before Unicron once more sensed that another capsule filled with his essence was out there… somewhere. But how could this be? Hadn’t Primus destroyed the last of his capsules? It didn’t matter now; Unicron had to have this new capsule to free himself from his prison and the Void. On a mining expedition in a cluster of asteroids, a Quintesson mining ship sent by Unicron, unearthed a strange being that had incased herself in stone with another object at her side as if she was guarding it. The Quintesson mining team was able to drill through the stone casing and separated the being from the guarded object. As they loaded the two aboard the ship, the mining ship was attacked by a mystery ship that had emerged from a dimensional portal. The ship was very large and in a matter of seconds, the Quintesson mining ship was destroyed and the new being and object were taken. This new attacking race was known as (THE VOK).

The Vok are a mysterious and powerful alien race who has evolved beyond the corporeal world. They come from another dimension known as (NEXUS ZERO). In this dimension, the Vok are three races that live together as one. They were created by Primus and they are Cybertronian, Human and an unknown lizard like race (maybe Quintesson). All three have evolved and aid Primus in his never ending struggles against Unicron. The Vok are experimenters in dimensional time travel. In their dimension Nexus Zero, both Unicron and Primus exist but both are still in their true energy (SPARK) forms.
In this dimension, Unicron also teleported capsules with small portions of his essence inside, in anticipation that his physical form would be destroyed and he would be imprisoned by Primus.

The Vok helped Primus destroy all but one of Unicron’s capsules in Nexus Zero. As the Vok found the last capsule, a rouge Vok known as (FARSEER) took the capsule and used a form of dimensional time travel, warping her and the capsule to another dimension… this dimension. She was one of very few Vok that were swayed over by Unicron and given the power to be one of his Dark Heralds. The other Vok were granted passage by Primus from Nexus Zero to track Farseer down and retrieve both her and the capsule before she could give it to Unicron of our dimension, allowing him to break free from his prison.

As Farseer came through her dimensional gate, she found herself on an asteroid in an asteroid field. She thought this would be a great place to hide the Capsule from the other Vok until Either Unicron from Nexus Zero or Unicron from this dimension could find her. She imprisoned herself and the capsule in stone to blend in with the asteroid. This is where Farseer and the capsule laid in wait until they were found by Unicron who sent a Quintesson mining crew for her and the capsule.

Unicron was so furious that this new race came and took the last capsule from the Quintessons, that he damned the Quintessons to a never ending life of servitude and tasked them to track down, destroy the Vok and bring him the last capsule, as well as tracking down Primus’s new home and to destroy him and any of his creations.

While all this was happening, Primus continued to drift in his Cube shaped prison. Unlike Unicron who was not completely whole in essence, Primus was. He was just imprisoned but was able to regain his power levels while in the Cube. He knew he would never be completely released from his new prison and so decided to draw on its chemical and elemental properties. As Primus drifted, he released very small minuscule portions of his essence to seed dead worlds with life. One such world would later be known as Earth to its later inhabitance… humans.

He would soon drift into a system and found a world that was 99.9% made up of similar chemicals and elements as the cube he was imprisoned in. He would end up crashing down on this planet. Once on the planet, he laid dormant for many, many cycles, growing in power. He began to realize that his Cube prison would allow him to still function almost normally. Primus started to terraform the planet’s surface into a metal like shell. He would create new children from both his spark and that of the minerals and elements found on the planet. Primus sensed that even though he destroyed Unicron’s last capsule and in doing so, imprisoned Unicron in the Void; something was not right. Unicron still grew in power and for a brief moment, Primus felt Unicron’s essence grow. As if another capsule was out there. He didn’t know how this was but he felt the power out there, somewhere.

Primus knew that one day Unicron would find a way to come back and so Primus decided to create his new children and give them his essence to ensure that they will be powerful enough to battle and destroy Unicron once more. He then creates the first 13 of his new children, the first 13 Primes. These beings are transdimensional beings that have the power to travel time and space in the blink of an eye. Time would pass and in doing so, Primus spoke to his children. They were his Primes and to them he was the Allspark. He continued to feed them energy. They were tasked to travel time and space to protect the Universe from Unicron if he should ever rise again.

This ability to use dimensional time travel would be known to the Primes as (Space Bridging). The Primes used this travel system to go out to other worlds that Primus seeded with life and watch over these planets. Twelve of the Primes would visit a back water planet of rich jungles and forever changing environments from time to time and watch it flourish and grow. This planet would later become the home planet to the humans that now make up a third of the Vok that live in dimension Nexus Zero. This planet is known as Earth in our dimension. The 13th Prime was not interested in this planet or any of Primus’s many other test planets as the 13th Prime called them. The 13th Prime was known as (MEGATRONUS) and he used his space bridging power to travel to the farthest reaches of space. Here is where he felt most comfortable. He did not like to be around the other 12 Primes and so he spent great periods of time away from them and Primus… (The Allspark).

Space bridging took a lot of energy and so Primus gave the Primes more of his energy. This proved costly as it drained him. He then found that he could harness power from the system’s Star and in doing this, he created a new raw power source he called (ENERGON). He and his Primes grew even more powerful and continued on by using Energon.

Many thousands of lifetimes later Primus would run into a new problem. The very Sun that he drew energy from to create Energon for himself and his 13 Primes, was now almost drained. He had to think of new ways to get energy for Energon or their Sun would die and them with it. He then decided to create new children. These children would not be as powerful as his 13 Primes. But they would have something the 13 Primes did not. They would be able to adapt themselves to new worlds, take on new forms and so he created the first Cybertronians to live on the very planet he had terraformed so long before, Cybertron.

Some of these Cybertronians were called Seekers. A Seeker’s main function was to use its space bridge power to go out into the Universe and find star systems that had suns he could draw energy from. But there was one rule. That one rule would be known as The Prime Directive. The Prime Directive was… (Primus’s children would not drain energy from any sun in a system that had life on any of that system’s planets.) So Primus had his Cybertronian workers go to systems that the Seekers found with no life and build massive structures. These structures were called Energon Harvesters. Once set up, they would drain enough energy from the sun and it would be transported back to Primus and refined into Energon.

The 13th Prime, Megatronus, was out on one of his travels in a far off part of the Universe, when he came across a very large ship of unknown origin. He watched as the ship came through some sort of its own space bridge portal and it attacked another smaller ship. Something was then transported from the wreckage of the smaller ship to the larger ship. The larger ship turned and jumped back into another portal. Megatronus had to know where it was going, so he scanned the ship and marked its heading. As he used his space bridge power to tail the unknown ship, something happened. His power output and that of the unknown ship merged. While deep in transit, their two power outputs crossed, throwing them from transwarp. As Megatronus and the ship came out of warp, they were floating in a strange dark void of space. In the center, a large purple sphere of dark energy spun and inside it was a solid sphere shaped mass of metal. It had symbols and writings on it much like that of the Allspark back home on Cybertron. Spinning around this mass of metal and purple energy were two smaller planets.

The sphere spoke to him. It called itself Unicron. Unicron sensed that Megatronus was one of Primus’s creations. And the 13th Prime knew right away who Unicron was. He was created to battle Unicron if Unicron was to even rise again. Unicron told him that he would give him unimaginable powers ten times greater than the 13th Prime already had. But he had to bring him the capsule that was in the storage bay inside the large ship. Megatronus was no fool. He knew that if he retrieved the capsule for Unicron, that Unicron would more then likely not hold to his word of giving him the power he promised.

Megatronus agreed to retrieve it but only if Unicron granted him the power before hand. Unicron had no other choice but to agree. Unicron granted the 13th Prime the power he promised and in doing so, Megatronus became a Herald of Unicron. He was not sure what being a Herald entailed but it made no difference to him. He had the power to be his own being now. He no longer needed the Allspark or his other 12 siblings. He was more powerful than them now.

Megatronus decided right then and there that he would be forever more known as The Fallen.

Chapter 1…
Shadows in the dark.

As The Fallen found his way to the now lifeless floating ship, he scanned it and the ship seemed to be void of any life. When he and the ship got ripped form transwarp, the Vok crew must have been left in transwarp where they would no doubt die with no ship, or they were sent to another dimension. Anything was possible with dealing in transwarp space bridging.

The Fallen found a very large service hatch at the rear of the ship and ripped his way in. Once inside the ship, The Fallen realized that the ship’s crew must have been large. At least it looked like most of them were of larger origins. He continued to the bridge and found a computer terminal that had the ship’s layout on it. The ship was massive. It was much bigger then he first thought. He tracked down the storage areas on the ship as well as a massive room that was labeled… (The Pit.) Looking closer at the layout, he noticed a name that almost seemed to be written in the writings of his kind, of Cybertronian dissent. “How could that be?” He questioned to himself out laud. He hit a switch on the consol and spoke in his tongue. “Translate this name on the screen into that of my language!”

The computer spoke back in his tongue, laud and fast. “Necrosis!” it answered. The voice was that of a female’s voice. The Necrosis as it called itself had a comforting yet strong voice… for a ship that is.

“What is Necrosis?” The Fallen quickly asked. It answered… “I’m Necrosis. I’m the ship.” The Fallen began to smile ever so slightly. “What is the fastest way to get to here?” He pointed at the screen to the location of The Pit room.

Necrosis told him the fastest way to The Pit room before adding… “The Pit is an area of the ship that creates new Protoform bodies for the larger of the Vok. The Vok are made up of three different races, the larger of theses races is of your chemical makeup but from another dimension. These larger Vok, like the other two races of the Vok have more or less evolved into ethereal type beings. But those of the Vok who once looked like you, created The Pit to make new solid form bodies that they can transfer themselves into to better function in other dimensions. Necrosis once more without a pause said, “These husks… these shells… Protoforms, Protoforms, Protoforms.”

“There is no need to repeat it. I heard you the first time, computer!” The Fallen spoke laud with almost an amused look on his face.
“Necrosis, Necrosis, Necrosis!” The ship repeated back over and over again. “My name is Necrosis as I have already told you. Please call me by my name. I am not just…computer!”

The Fallen was now even more amused. “So… Necrosis, I will do as you ask but I will need your assistance as you will need mine. There are no other survivors aboard and I am the only one here who can help you get from this place we are now trapped.”
The Fallen’s face went from amused to confused as Necrosis seemed to make a noise that sounded like a giggle and was followed by what sounded like a sigh. “Fallen, also known as Megatronus, You…”

The Fallen quickly cut her off. “It’s just The Fallen now!! What is so funny?”
The giggling sound came again. “As you wish, Fallen.” Necrosis said before continuing. “Now we have the name thing out of the way… there is another. You are not the only one aboard. And I do not need your assistance to leave this place as you say. I can and will leave at any time I feel is right. It is you who needs my assistance.”
The Fallen was not about to be drawn into an argument with a ship that seemed to have more feelings than he could ever think possible from a ship. “Very well, you are correct. You do not need me. It is I that needs your assistance.”
“And you will have it being you have asked so nicely.” Necrosis said in a low calm voice.

The Fallen quickly went to the storage bay where he found a Protoformed body under a stasis field and the capsule on a pedestal. As he reached out and took the capsule, he could feel the power it held inside. Necrosis once more spoke to The Fallen. “The Vok who lies before you is a traitor to Primus in the Nexus Zero dimension. Her name is Farseer.”
Necrosis told him of the mission she and the Vok crew were on. It all made sense to The Fallen now. If this Unicron was to get the capsule he now had, Unicron would have no need for him or for the Vok Farseer who was also given power by Unicron and made one of his Heralds. The Fallen made his mind up in an instant.
“Turn her stasis field off and wake her.”
Necrosis did not question but only replied back with a “Yes master.”
The Fallen smiled slightly at Necrosis’s reply.

As Farseer came to, she got to her feet and jumped into a battle stance. The Fallen laughed out. “I am no enemy. I am your savior and you no longer have to fear anything or anyone. We are both Heralds of Unicron. Both from different dimensions but none the less, we both strive for the same thing… power!!”
She just smirked at him as she looked at the capsule in his hands. She spoke laud and proud. “You are a fool to believe you can take what belongs to Unicron!”
The Fallen quickly became angry, turned slightly to try and hide the capsule from the now freed Farseer.

“I’m sure you already know my name, so I will save you the pleasure of an introduction. I know you plan on keeping Unicron’s capsule. I may be weak from my extended stasis sleep but I can still use what bit of power I can muster to read your thoughts and see into your future. You will fail, Son of Primus.”

The Fallen became even angrier. “I may have been mistaken in thinking wakening you would somehow benefit me. Necrosis… Get rid of her!”
In a matter a few seconds, with capsule in hand, The Fallen warped from the bay to The Pit room and Necrosis’s bay hanger door opened and Farseer was sucked into space. Her body drifted until it was caught by the gravitational pull of the outer of the two planets circling Unicron and the mass ball of energy.
She burnt her way down through orbit and her body crashed in a marsh filled swamp where she would lay seemingly once more lifeless.
Back aboard The Necrosis, The Fallen looked at the machine that was called The Pit. It too was massive. It called to him. He stepped into a large chamber and as soon as he was inside, the ship came to life. Vein like wires attached themselves to every part of his body as liquid Energon flowed to and from. All around, small birthing orbs began to move and inside them lay small Protoforms. The Pit created small lifeless husks of The Fallen in his image and downloaded his power, his life force and his new found darkness into these new life forms. As he emerged from The Pit some of these new life forms began to hatch from their birthing orbs. There were a few dozen at first, then more and more. Soon he was surrounded by smaller dark Protoforms. These would become his new army. They grew to full height in short time. He spent many cycles training them to fight, to be dark, to be evil and… to follow him. They became his children and he named them the (SHADOWCONS).

The Fallen now had his army to defy anyone or anything that would stand before him. Unicron called out to The Fallen. He was in The Fallen’s head. “Take the capsule my Dark Herald. Even with your new powers, you will still be no match for Primus and will have to draw on the capsule’s power to defeat Primus. Take your new army, find, and lay waist to the other Primes.”

The Fallen smiled and thought to himself that that’s exactly what he planed on doing, except in the end, he would not be giving Unicron the capsule back. The Fallen didn’t bother to think that Unicron could read his thoughts. Unicron was well aware of The Fallen’s underlying goals and would use The Fallen to find Primus. But first Unicron had to revive Farseer. Unicron’s powers reached the planet and Farseer’s body raised from the marsh below. She stood there looking up as her body changed shape and became stronger.

Unicron spoke to her in her thoughts. “Be patient, The Fallen’s time is short. I am still not at the power level I will need to better fight Primus. The Fallen will go forward and do just what I want him to. He believes he can defy my will. Do not worry about him; you will have a much larger task to complete for me. After The Fallen does his part and is no longer of use to me, your task will begin. That task will be to bring those that The Fallen calls his children back to The Void, back to their home. The Shadowcons will only rise to greatness under the watchful eye of the true God of Chaos.”
Farseer looked up into the sky with an evil smirk on her face. “I live to serve you my Lord Unicron.”
The Necrosis warped away with The Fallen, his new Shadowcons and the power of Unicron to aid him in his coming war against Primus and those that still call him brother.

*To be continued*

Chapter 2…
The Chosen ones.

Unicron watched the Necrosis warp away. The start of his greater plan was now in motion.
He once again reached out with his mind to Farseer who still stood on the outer most planet looking up into a now neon purple night sky. “Once you bring them back to me, they will need a home. The planet closest to me will be that home. It will be named (NEXIUM). The planet you now stand on will be very important in the future. You will do many great things from that planet. As a gift to you my Herald, I will allow you to name it.”
“I thank you my Lord! I will call this planet (CYRAX), after the Vok Cyraxus back home in Nexus Zero who leads those of us that follow you and oppose Primus. Cyraxus was my mentor back home and he opened my eyes to the greatness that is you Lord Unicron.”
“If I still live in Nexus Zero, I’ll have to remember to thank Cyraxus for sending you here with the capsule…hahaha! Now, you will go to the Necrosis and you will do as I have already explained.” Unicron said in a calm low voice.

Farseer could feel Unicron’s power fill her body as if it was an empty shell. It felt like when she was first birthed from her birthing orb in a Pit machine much like the one on the ship Necrosis. At this time she was just a Protoform Cybertronian. But once Primus of Nexus Zero was able to bring the three civilizations of Cybertronians, humans and Quintessons together as the Vok and bring them to a higher plain of transcension, Farseer like so many others gave up their physical bodies and became ethereal beings of their new plain of existence. But as time went on, many Vok became uncertain of their new existence and started to question Primus. They questioned his reasons for creating different civilizations such as Cybertronian, Human, Quintessons and so many others but yet take these three and merge their unique cultures and differences to make the Vok. They questioned him in that after all their time of existence as civilization that he created to be different, why now ask them to be one race of one likeness.
Many Vok leaders that were once Cybertronian, Human and a few Quintesson stepped forward to demand answers as to why the Great Creator, the Great Primus would want this. Those Vok that questioned Primus and were once Cybertronian started creating ships and new bodies that they called Protoforms and these bodies were created by massive machines they called Pits. With these new bodies, not only could they once more become closer to their true past Cybertronian forms but these new Protoform bodies can also tran-scan any type of vehicle or life form and reformat itself accordingly. This gave these Vok the ability to attack other civilization of the Nexus Zero dimension that were loyal to Primus as they would land on Primus’s loyalist’s planets, take their likenesses and fight them from within.
These Pits were fit into the larger warships. Some of these Ships were captured and taken by the Vok who still fought for Primus in Nexus Zero. The Vok still loyal to Primus would then use the Pits on the warships to create Protoform bodies for themselves to better fight against those Vok who sided with Unicron. Even though Primus had every intention to create a unified race from three races, he now had a division between the Vok. And to make maters worse, a Vok warship… the Necrosis and its technology was now under the control of Unicron and his minions of another dimension. “Farseer, you are my chosen Herald.” Unicron spoke once more before she was warped away.

As Necrosis, The Fallen and his new Shadowcons made their way through their Space Bridge warp; he stood aboard Necrosis’s bridge and watched as his Shadowcons, hundreds of them massed in groups in four different arena chambers located on different decks of the ship. Two of these arenas were on the same deck, right next to once another. The only thing that separated them was a massive bulkhead. Those that were in these two arenas had no idea of the others on the other side of this very bulkhead. His voice came to them in their minds. “My name is The Fallen and I am your creator. You are the very essence of my Spark. You are the shadows that follow in my wake. You are my children. You are Shadowcons!” All the Shadowcons raised their hands and cheered as he said this and he continued on.
“I was once a child of a greater being. I too walked in his wake. My creator sees his other children, his other creations to be superior to myself. You are all equals for you are all my children!”

Many Shadowcons pushed their way to the centers of their respective arenas as if trying to get closer to their creator who was not standing there. A massive four legged; four armed Shadowcon pushed his way forward while he tossed other smaller Shadowcons in different directions. He roared in defiance as a smaller but yet still large bi-peddle Shadowcon pushed into the center from another direction. Jockeying like this was happening in all four arenas.

The Fallen sensed this and connected to those Shadowcons that seemed to show they were superior to the others. “I speak to you all from my second mind, the Nexus. Even though I see all my children as equals, there will be a select few that show true leadership skills. You… big one, what do you call yourself?” The large eight limbed Shadowcon looked around and then up as he threw one of his massive arms in the air. “If you are giving me freedom to name myself, I shall be known as MALICE!!!” The Fallen smiled as he then connected to the other Shadowcon who pushed his way into the center to stand as Malice’s equal. “And you… the once who stands in Malice’s way. What shall I call you my child?”
The Shadowcon looked up at the larger Malice with his four eyes and then around to the others who were doing their own jockeying for what they thought was better positioning for the inevitable trials to come. His eyes were a dark purple and brightened into a burning blistering red. Malice looked back with his own two purple eyes. The two once more locked eyes as the smaller four eyed Shadowcon’s fists tensed and from each wrist sprung a set of duel blades. These blades were almost as long as his arms themselves. He lifted one arm up and pointed its two blades, mounted side by side at Malice’s chest and yelled only a shot reply to The Fallen’s question. “I am known as…SHADOW!”

Another yet smaller Shadowcon pushed his way through and around others. Once in the middle, he jumped up onto Malice’s back, tapped the large Shadowcon on his head and smiled. So you guys hear our creator too?” The smaller Shadowcon didn’t wait for them to answer. He pulled Malice’s head around so he could look into Malice’s eyes. Wow, you’re a big one.” The Fallen smiled ever so slightly before he spoke to this new smaller Shadowcon. “I see you show this same leadership. You see, it does not matter the size. A true leader will lead no matter his size or strength. And what shall I call you my little child?” Before the smaller Shadowcon could answer, Shadow lowered and retracted his blades with a smirk on his face. “Yes, what shall we call you little child?” Malice was still looking the small Shadowcon in his eyes as it held Malice’s head staring into Malice’s own eyes. He let go and shot an angry look at Shadow as he smacked Malice on the back of his head. “Hey!” yelled back Malice as he tried to shake the small Shadowcon from his back. “I didn’t say it, they did!” The Small Shadowcon took a quick look around the arena before smacking Malice yet again on the back of the head. “Fine!” yelled the Small Shadowcon as he smacked Malice a third time. “You all!” he looked around the arena again. “I may be smaller than most of you but I will show you all that I fight like that of even you big brutes!” He pointed at Shadow with true anger in his purple eyes and smacked Malice for a fourth time. “You all can call me Havoc!”
“Stop smacking me!” growled Malice as he continued to try and shake Havoc off his back.

The Fallen continued on as others in the other arenas pushed to be the ones in the center. The others that pushed or walked over and through their siblings to get to the center made similar shows of leadership. In one arena two female Shadowcons that were obviously created from the same type of Protoform locked eyes on one another. Their optics scanned one another as if studying the other for weakness and fear. Neither could get the other to look away or stand down. One was black with silver accents and the other was solid black but at times a hint of bright yellow accent would show then it was gone. Even though they could be mistaken for the same Shadowcon, they did have very subtle yet defining differences. These two also answered their creator.
The first of the two female Shadowcons made a real quick motion, almost a twitch. If the other female was not locked eye to eye with her, she would not have caught the motion and would not have noticed that her counterpart sister now held two long slender swords in each hand. With Weapons now in hand the first answered. “I will be known as NIGHTSHADE!” she cocked her head to one side still looking at her sister, “Sister to all true Shadowcons and death to all others.” Her blades came up and she crossed them across her chest as they started to glow in an eerie red glow. The other female lowered her head as a sign of respect but kept her eyes still locked on her now weaponized equal. She spoke in a much softer tone as she gave her name.” My name will be NIGHTFIRE.” She gave a thin quick smile as if the name was meant to somehow mock that of Nightshade’s. Nightfire also made the same quick twitching motion that Nightshade made moments earlier. Only Nightshade was more focused and in her mind, Nightfire’s twitch happened in slow motion. Nightshade knew she was at this point a slightly bit more focused then Nightfire. Nightshade found Nightfire’s weakness and gave Nightfire the same thin quick smile back.

In a fraction of a second, Nightfire had two strange looking whip like weapons protruding from each wrist. She smiled and let them loosen from around her wrists. They unraveled and hit the floor with a sound of crackling fire. The whips burst into flame as they slithered around on the floor like burning serpents waiting to be let loose on their prey. “If you can control the element of fire, then Nightfire is a suitable name my sister.” said Nightshade as she returned her head to an upright position and smiled again. This time Nightshade caught a brief glimpse of frustration on Nightfire’s face. Nightfire’s mind games would not work so easily on her.
“So then, Nightshade… Nightfire, you two show great leadership potential.” came back the voice of The Fallen. “Wait!” yelled another voice. The large bulk of a four armed Shadowcon smashed his way to the center where even both Nightshade and Nightfire unlocked eyes and had to look up. The mass of this new Shadowcon could not be missed. While not as massive as his sibling Malice who stood in another arena somewhere on the ship, still trying to shake off a pesky Havoc, this Shadowcon was a monster in his own right. As he continued forward, he slammed another Shadowcon to the floor and tossed yet another over his shoulder to come crashing down in a pile with others. “You do not need to ask me who I am my creator. My name is TANKCORE!!!” With a massive swing, another unsuspecting sibling went flying. He leaned forward, slammed both sets of massive fists together and looked down at the two sisters. “Shall we dance... well?”

Yet others stepped into the centers of their arenas. The three to push their way into the center of the next arena all gave their names. The first was a Shadowcon with bright blue eyes and he emanated with a blue/white electric static that danced over his body. He looked around before answering in a very calm, low voice almost unheard by the others. It did not matter to him, he knew The Fallen heard and that was all that mattered to him. “You can call me SPECTER my father.” This was the first time The Fallen had heard any of them call him father. The others came forward. The second to answer was the complete opposite of Specter. He moved without a care of his surroundings and talked in the same manor. He looked around as one of his hands morphed into a saw like weapon and the other into a large projectile like weapon. “When all else fails, blow it up! You can call me CHAOS!” The Fallen could sense that this one had leadership potential but was going to be a hard one to keep in line. Chaos was also the first Shadowcon of leadership potential and of any of the hundreds that still gathered in the arenas to brandish a ranged weapon of any kind. This somehow amused The Fallen. The third and last to make his way to the center of the arena did so as if he was in no real hurry to even get there. He too was of the larger Shadowcon breed. His right arm was already morphed into a very large axe type weapon. He reached up with his free left hand and slammed it to his chest as a large portion of his armor merged to his hand and became a large combat shield with spikes on all sides. He looked at the others, lowered his head out of respect or just plain out lack of caring. Specter and Chaos could not make him out. He was not a Shadowcon of many words. In fact, the only word that came from his mouth was his name, “WARZONE.” Then as slowly as Warzone pushed his way to the center, he turned and pushed his way back to the far wall, turned and just stood there. On occasion you would see a slight turn in his neck as he watched the other Shadowcons in the arena.

In the fourth and last arena, there happened to be four Shadowcons that pushed for the center. The first was another female Shadowcon who made quick work of those around her by letting out a blinding light that could be mistaken as a sun going nova. This allowed her to blind most around her and she was left a clear path to the center of the arena. As she looked around at the now blinded siblings she so easily stepped over and around, she yelled out her name as if she herself was going nova. “I am and will always be known as NOVA!” At her feet lay another Shadowcon who was still trying to shake off the effects of the blinding light. She pushed him over with her foot and to her surprise; a very small Shadowcon rushed out from under and up her side to sit on her shoulder. “You know… YOU COULD HAVE BLINDED ME!!!” yelled the small Shadowcon in her ear. He looked down at the Shadowcon still lying on the floor. “That is a real cool trick you got there sis.” He looked up as if looking right at The Fallen. “You can call me PHANTOM.” With that said he flashed away and was now sitting cloaked on another Shadowcon’s shoulder who just stepped into the center of the arena. “Would you get off my shoulder you pest!” shoot back the third newcomer. “How can you see me?” asked Phantom. “He looked at his shoulder, swiped at the not so well hidden Phantom who again warped back to Nova’s shoulder. The third Shadowcon’s right arm morphed and elongated into a large scythe like weapon. “I see all. I can see you even while you stay cloaked. I see death”. He looked around at the others in the arena. “I see death and it is everywhere. My name is REAPER.”

Just as the little Shadowcon Phantom uncloaked on Nova’s shoulder a fourth Shadowcon made his way to the center of the arena. “You got that right brother Reaper.” This Shadowcon had a smell to him. No others in this arena smelled as he did. “You say death is everywhere? You don’t know the half of it. You can call me PLAGUE.” As he finished his statement, another somewhat smaller Shadowcon tried to step out of the crowd and into the center. Plague quickly grabbed him by the neck and forced his face next to a protruding whole on Plague’s shoulder. A small green film like cloud hit the un-named Shadowcon in the face and stuck to his face like tar. The Shadowcon’s face began to melt and the film just kept eating its way down. The Shadowcon fell over and his head and a great portion of his left shoulder and chest were eaten away.
The Fallen was once again caught by surprise as even now, without any question to why they were all gathered, this self named Plague would take the life of a sibling and show no remorse. What was even more surprising to The Fallen was that Plague still stood there emotionless, knowing that his creator was watching over them all and could and probably would smite him down for doing so. The Fallen’s smile that he still held grew much larger now.

“The time will come when we will be forced to show my creator Primus and his other creations that we are superior in every way. This time will come sooner then you think. You will all need to be ready and battle hardened. I do not expect all of you to survive this trial I lay before you but I feel some of you will surpass all expectation. Look at those around you. These are your siblings, your brothers and sisters. Some of you, most of you are weak and those of you will have to be sacrificed for the greater plan to be fulfilled. My children, my Shadowcon, my chosen ones, fight as if all are your enemy!” With those last words, The Fallen’s voice went silent in their heads and just as fast as it was silent, the brutal fighting began.

The Fallen turned and looked into a new screen that showed the time it would take to get back to Cybertronian space. While it seemed to be instantaneous when Space Bridging and warping from point a to point b seemed to take only a fraction of a second, in reality time passed very, very slowly while in transwarp. This would give The Fallen all the time he would need to get his Shadowcons battle ready. Even so, he would still come out of the Space Bridge transwarp just on the outer edge of Cybertronian controlled space. This would give him even more time as he would then travel at sub-light speed though Cybertronian space before reaching Cybertron. “Once we reach Cybertronian controlled space, drop us into sub-light speed and make for the outer most outposts. I think ill let my children release more of their new found anger. Besides, we can’t have these outposts calling ahead to warn Cybertron of my return in this ship.” Necrosis made a coughing like sound before she answered back. “First you call me computer, now I’m just, this ship? Do I have to repeat my name to you yet again? It is…”
The Fallen clasped his hands together in almost a pleading like manor. “NO!! Please… I am sorry. Necrosis… We can’t have the outposts calling ahead to warn Cybertron of our return! Is that better?” Necrosis made another short coughing like noise. “It will do I guess.” The Fallen just stood there and placed his palm to his forehead as he lowered his head and let out a sigh.

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