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Post by Ramjet on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:36 pm

So I'm getting sick of all the broken GI Joe vehicles and parts. I always told myself I'd make some custom vehicles out of them, but I don't see it happening. My buddy felt the same way, and threw his crap in. We just want it gone. It's all free, just pay shipping. Take one part or take it all. We would ask that you take a look at our "needs" lists, because it would be nice to get something we need in return. I'd like to get postal money orders or cash for this stuff-that was I can take the MO to the PO and ship the stuff, and not have money coming into PayPal, and out of my wallet to pay for the shipping.

Realize that almost all this stuff is broken somewhere-most vehicles have broken axles and 'copters have busted rotors, etc. Ask about the condition of anything you might want. It might make for good battlefield diorama wreckage, if nothing else!

Our Joe need list: (all the guys are v1)

Zartan-right leg pad
Sgt Slaughter baton x2
Hit & Run-duffel bag, grappling hook
Tunnel Rat-flashlights
Ice Viper-sai x4
Water Moccasin-windshield
Shockwave rifle
Wolf front canopy
'87 SLAM missiles-10

Wolverine Tow Cable

the fan set-up that goes on the back, i have 1 of the fans and 1 shroud and 3 of the smaller pieces
1 cannon tip
1 cannon cover

Conquest X-30 small front wings
Cobra Hammerhead: 1 front green double-barreled gun
1 green missile launcher
2 big green missiles
8 of the smaller green missiles

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