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101 ways to get a ticket lol

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101 ways to get a ticket lol

Post by Unicron on Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:59 pm

* this is a conversation between me (Tfshadowcons), Cascadia, and my boyfriend John (Havoc). I got their permission to post this but it primarilly comes from a spot in our rp where Prowl is injured in battle and Cass was gonna let Optimus carry Prowl on the spot where the trailer hooks up to the truck...*

cascadia says (2:49 AM):
I thought about having Prowl ride on the back of Optimus' truck mode and him throwing a fuss due to the bumpy ride

TFShadowcons says (2:49 AM):
ohhh yeah

John says (2:50 AM):
yep, that would of been funny

TFShadowcons says (2:50 AM):
i could hear the fussing now

cascadia says (2:50 AM):
h yeah

John says (2:51 AM):
or prowl writting optimus all kinds of tickets during the ride, saying to him "go slower prime, you're making my pen skip..."

TFShadowcons says (2:51 AM):
i don't think anyone would want to be near prowl after that bumpy ride

TFShadowcons says (2:52 AM):
how amy tickets would that be .....

cascadia says (2:52 AM):
who knows

TFShadowcons says (2:53 AM):
wreckless endangerment...
driving an 18 wheeler on a road that restricks that kind of vehicle...oh wait wht road

TFShadowcons says (2:54 AM):

John says (2:55 AM):
speeding, hit and run (or does that count when you run over a decepticon), carrying concealed weapons (hell optimus is a concealed wepon)

cascadia says (2:55 AM):
missing license plates

TFShadowcons says (2:55 AM):

John says (2:55 AM):

TFShadowcons says (2:56 AM):
omg im dieing of laughter here

John says (2:56 AM):
no driver licenses, no proof of insurance

cascadia says (2:56 AM):
equipment malfunction with your tail-lights

John says (2:56 AM):
hell no driver at all

TFShadowcons says (2:56 AM):
yeah who givea a cybertronian a drivers licence...and do they go through drivers Ed

cascadia says (2:57 AM):
talking and driving on the cell phone/comm

TFShadowcons says (2:57 AM):

John says (2:57 AM):
prowl would be up to his audio receptors with tickets

TFShadowcons says (2:58 AM):
lack of driver behind the wheel (unless you have a hologram)

John says (2:58 AM):
littering...those cons have to go some where after you run them over

cascadia says (2:58 AM):
no inspection stickers

TFShadowcons says (2:59 AM):
you know this would be funny if we put this up on tca and the realm

cascadia says (2:59 AM):

TFShadowcons says (2:59 AM):
*How many tickets can a cybertronian get and what are they ?*

John says (2:59 AM):
parking violations

cascadia says (2:59 AM):

John says (3:00 AM):
you know they dont carry exact change for the parking meters

cascadia says (3:00 AM):
where is your expiration tags?

John says (3:01 AM):
though that'll be funny as hell...a autobot getting towed away to the impound yard

TFShadowcons says (3:01 AM):
we should have this up on tca i bet it would get repped fast for being funny as hell

cascadia says (3:01 AM):
put it on the realm as well

John says (3:02 AM):
auto'lock up...and they dont even get their on free call

John says (3:02 AM):

cascadia says (3:02 AM):
the boot

John says (3:02 AM):
right off the planet

cascadia says (3:03 AM):
running the stop signs and red lights

John says (3:03 AM):
not yeilding when merging into traffic

cascadia says (3:03 AM):

John says (3:04 AM):
not using proper turning signals

cascadia says (3:04 AM):

TFShadowcons says (3:04 AM):
if its ok i want to copy this into a post

John says (3:04 AM):
cool with me

cascadia says (3:04 AM):
you have my permission. You can explain what started it

TFShadowcons says (3:04 AM):
cascadia says (3:05 AM):
if you want to

John says (3:05 AM):
illegal transportation of hazardous materials

cascadia says (3:05 AM):

John says (3:06 AM):
it would be never ending for prowl

cascadia says (3:07 AM):
driving while over-engerized with Energon

driving while short curicuting

cascadia says (3:07 AM):
failure to drive according to the weather conditions

John says (3:08 AM):
or driving military vechicles on civilian roads

cascadia says (3:08 AM):
driving on the wrong side of the road

John says (3:09 AM):
ignoring the height and load barring limits of most roads

John says (3:10 AM):
not having exact change for toll booths

cascadia says (3:10 AM):
no use of seat-belts

John says (3:11 AM):
letting under aged and non-certified people to operate heavy vehicles and equipment

cascadia says (3:11 AM):
it is never-ending

John says (3:11 AM):

John says (3:12 AM):
distrubing the peace (jazz)

that should bring a good laugh

cascadia says (3:14 AM):

John says (3:15 AM):
if optimus doesnt transform, and the trailer goes into a alternate dimension right along with prowl, while he is still writting tickets

cascadia says (3:16 AM):
oh geez

TFShadowcons says (3:16 AM):

John says (3:16 AM):
ticket 102, tearing a hole through space/ time continium, to illegally park semi trailer

TFShadowcons says (3:17 AM):

John says (3:17 AM):

cascadia says (3:18 AM):
laughing and rolling

cascadia says (3:20 AM):
if he was saying them as well, oh boy

John says (3:20 AM):
he'd wear out his vocal processor

cascadia says (3:21 AM):
"Knock it off, Prowl"

TFShadowcons says (3:21 AM):
ok i posted up that last little bit

cascadia says (3:21 AM):

TFShadowcons says (3:21 AM):
now we will just wait and see what people say

John says (3:22 AM):
prime goes to open his trailer, in stead of roller coming out nothing but tickets spew onto the streets

TFShadowcons says (3:22 AM): thats where all those tikets went

cascadia says (3:23 AM):
what makes it funnierat the beginning of Wars End, Prowl was hiding as a police officer in Montana

TFShadowcons says (3:23 AM):
you can tell people that

John says (3:23 AM):
old habits die hard

TFShadowcons says (3:23 AM):

cascadia says (3:26 AM):
I put that in there

John says (3:27 AM):
i seen that
insanity has its perks

cascadia says (3:28 AM):

cascadia says (3:29 AM):
and the majority of the laws work against them

John says (3:29 AM):
yep, thats what makes it so funny

John says (3:30 AM):
how can you be a good guy and break every law there is
TFShadowcons says (3:30 AM):

cascadia says (3:30 AM):

John says (3:31 AM):
that sends the wrong message..

cascadia says (3:31 AM):

cascadia says (3:32 AM):
it would be interesting to see what other people come up with

John says (3:33 AM):
unleash their insanity to the list

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Re: 101 ways to get a ticket lol

Post by Galvatron on Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:10 pm

that's pretty funny!!


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Re: 101 ways to get a ticket lol

Post by Dirge on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:42 pm

thats VERY funny


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Re: 101 ways to get a ticket lol

Post by bumblebee on Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:55 pm

lol that is funny. hey what about unpaid parking tickets lol


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Re: 101 ways to get a ticket lol

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:40 pm

sorry about bumping this is very familiar

bumblebee wrote:lol that is funny. hey what about unpaid parking tickets lol

Unpaid tickets?? Uh....sure. ;)

Thank you for the compliments. This is whole thing was just some late night comedy on MSN. A couple of days later, Optimus Prime got a parking ticket in New York City.


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Re: 101 ways to get a ticket lol

Post by Nemesis Prime on Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:49 am

Hrmpf yeah, can't even get a stasis nap :suspect:

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Re: 101 ways to get a ticket lol

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