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GT-01R & GT-O11 G1 Ironhide and Ratchet Head Upgrades

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GT-01R & GT-O11 G1 Ironhide and Ratchet Head Upgrades

Post by Marlboor WJ on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:02 pm

I really love these third party transformers companies jumpin on the fan bandwagon! They have been producing neccessary accessories and upgrades for G1 figures and more! I always wondered why my G1 Ironhide and Ratchet did not come with normal robot heads like all the other figures. Without proper heads they looked too much like the GoBots. But little by little thru the years third party companies have kept evolving the head molds for G1 ironhide and Ratchet.

It started with the reissues having a paper cut head versions:

**Then they got upgraded to a real plastic head mold that attached to a slot on the back of the figures. They also were allowed to fold the head down and allow them to stay attached to transform to vech. mode.

**And now the latest upgrade I have find is by a company called GEAR4Toys. Got my set thru BBTS. This upgrade allows the whole figure to look more fuller and what it should have looked like it first came out. It comes with Head attached to a upper chest half attached with more flexible arms. It also comes with hand pistols, an extra light up battery. Yes!!!! One extra cool feature the eyes light up by simply pressing a small button on the back of upgrade.

The only two slight down sides are: 1) You have to use the figures original arms and fold them around to the back of the upgrade pieces and them rest up agaist the piece to keep it attached. The upgrade pieces do not snap on or attach to the slots on the figure's back like the earlier head molds did. 2) These upgrade pieces cannot stay attached when transforming to vech modes. Not that big of a deal though.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the new improved overall look these upgrades give my G1 figures. I love the light up eye feature and the heads do turn a complete 360 degrees around. I highly recommend these latest upgrades if you want to finally give your G1 Ironhide and Ratchet a more fuller robot look! :)

***Below is a direct link to these upgrades for sale on BBTS. Individually they are priced $29.99 or both together for $56.99.


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Re: GT-01R & GT-O11 G1 Ironhide and Ratchet Head Upgrades

Post by Galvatron on Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:46 pm

OH MY GOD!! Those are freakin awesome!!!


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