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Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

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Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

Post by Deszaras on Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:06 pm

I've had these written for quite a while now so a few of you may not know anything about them {As I've only posted the full lot on one Tf site so far}

Before you start reading it would be advised to view the profiles pages I have set up on my site:-
{Some characters don't have full profiles but I'm constantly updating them.}

Here is the timeline {Again under near constant revision as more stuff is added} for this fan fic:

dark future series of events: {may not correspond with other continuities, in earth years}
Millions of earth years ago:
End of the first great war.
Svaat forms the armourcollective
Start and end of the second great war
Events of centerstage5sixstrike
Start of the third war.
Megatron leaves cybertron in pursuit of the autobots and more energy.
Shockwave is left in command.

Warstorm liberates the Riotcons from Sandstorm

Warstorm destroys a bio technical experimentation lab.

Mt st helens erupts awakening the transformers on earth. [All of the event of the US G1 series follow]

Galvatron and scorponok reel after failing to conquer cybertron. They begin to rebuild charr while terrorising the nearby systems.

Scorponok is destroyed by Fortress maximus after the autobot creates a weapon known only as the 'Master sword'

Scorponok returns as Black zarack and by using his 'tyrant spear' weapon he is able to defeat and destroy the larger Autobot.

Cerebros is able to ressurect and rebuild fortress maximus as Grand maximus. His deployment forces the decepticons back. Just as it begins to look promising for the autobots the decepticons unleash Overlord and his power/god master brethren darkwing and dreadwind. The autobots retreat taking heavy casualties.

Autobots suceed in recreating Optimus prime as a god/power master, he is joined by three other autobot godmasters. They fight overlord and his forces to a standstill. Optimus prime is nearly destroyed in the battle and again the autobots retreat.

The apex armor for optimus prime is completed and a great battle occurs in space. Resulting in the destruction of the aerial bots, darkwing and dreadwind along with the three Autobot god/powermasters.

The Decepticon scout Deadstop assassinates Rodimus prime. Ultra magnus becomes the autobot's new leader.

After continued conflict with the autobots the decepticons are again forced back to charr. Galvatron mobilises his reserves. The breastforce and there commander Deszaras are sent into action along with the dinosaur force and monstructor. The autobots are sent reeling by the new arrivals.

Star saber and the brainmasters are sent into action they manage to create a stalemate between the opposing factions.

Liokaiser is sent into action. Starsaber is almost destroyed in battle with this new enemy. With his strength behind him Deszaras unleashes a decepticon version of Fortress maximus which pushes the bots even further back.

Deszaras defeats optimus prime in single combat. the mangled remains of the autobot are cast aside by the decepticons.

Optimus primes remians are reconstructed as Victory leo. Being sent into battle alongside a restored Starsaber they fuse into a new being known as Victory saber. Omega fortress is destroyed and the decepticons are pushed back again.

Deszaras and victory saber clash. In a very long encounter both fall run through by each others swords. The decepticons and Autobots continue to fight small skirmishes, deadlocked fighting becomes common place.

The decepticon Deadstop again manages to swing the war in the decepticons favour by landing a killing shot on Ultra magnus. Dia atlas is constructed by the floundering autobots.

Dia atlas is deployed and very quickly overwhelms the attacking decepticons. Two more autobots are planned.

Sonic bomber is deployed alongside the Micromasters. The micromasters fall beneath the assault of the decepticons but due to the intervention of Dia atlas they are pushed back.

battle gai and guard city are deployed. The fighting returns to being a stalemate.

Gigastorm and Metro titan turn the tide against the autobtos and manage to destroy Big powered when it is arrayed against them.

Brave maximus is deployed and manages to destroy Gigastron and metrotitan. He takes irreperable damage to his head during the combat. The headless body is transported to earth for repairs.

Earth having been in the crossfire of the ongoing war Forces to autobots to leave. The newly constructed Maximus robot is separated from fortress as the autobots comply.

Grimlock takes command of the autobots when Maximus disipears. The decepticon forces are forced backwards As Grimlock's simple strategies take them by surprise.

Galvatron deploys the Predators and he is countered by Grimlock deploying the Turbomasters.

Thunderclash becomes the autobot commander. Having learned a lot from Grimlock the Autobots very slowly start gain an advantage.

The autobots start to design the Action masters. Doubledealer steals the plans and hands them over to the decepticons.

Galvatron and Thundercrash both release there action masters into action. The decepticon action masters are destroyed by the deployment of Star convoy, grandus and sky garry. The decepticons are pushed back.

Using a small portion of his spark Galvatron creates Super and Ultra Megatron. There deployment forces the autobots onto the backfoot.

Galvatron deploys the Riotcons and the autobot action masters are crushed by there advance.

First encounter with Blue energon. Galvatron misreads the report from his operative believeing it to be a form of super energy.

Dark shock is brought online. His logistical skills combined with those of shockwave start to vastly increase the size of the decepticon army using Riotcon drone technology.

The predators and the turbomasters clash once more. Both of the sub factions are annihilated. Stalker manages to drag himself clear of the death site. His body is taken and put into stasis.

Soundwave fails on a mission and faces off against blaster. They fight and in the aftermath Soundwave manages to drag himself clear.

Stalker and soundwaves bodies are combined to create a new soundwave. Who upon deployment are deemed superior to the old soundwave.

Deadstop, Warstorm and Razah encounter the Armorcons. The first skirmish costs the lives of three armorcons.

Warstorm and Razah
report the first encounters with two new alien races
the Tyrantrope and the Black Legion.

The first clash happens between the Tyrantrope and the decepticons. The decepticons fall back with heavy losses. Afterwards they continue there war with the Black Legion.

Galvatron creates a new decepticon known as Valnir. His deployment forces the Autobots back.

Maximus returns to command and manages to force Valnir and the decepticons backwards.

Earthshaker appears. Cybertron is scoured of life. Straight and Rakx are the only survivors. Galvatron is dethroned by Starscream. {who has taken the body of Skyquake}

Maximus steps down from the command of the autobots. They go into hiding to build there strength.

Events of centerstage8akron

The decepticons start to splinter under starscreams leadership. Deadstop takes him out.

The decepticons start to band round the leaders. Sharpspike, Valnir, Megatron X, Galrauch, Darkshock, Hellion and Tyrol.

Events of Centerstage4stormhawk

The autobots counter attack under the command of Storm hawk. His so called 'Iron warriors' annihilate Sharpspike and Megatron X using there time shifting spacecraft the GIGAN

Darkshock takes command of the decepticons and builds the dark star fortress.

The autobots find the Dark star fortress and commence there attack. They suceed.

Events of Centerstage3roadelite

After mopping up the remnants of the decepticons the Iron warriors return to the autobot HQ. Only to be disbanded. Storm hawk gathers those around him that he can and flees the HQ in the GIGAN.

Events of Centerstage2straight
Maximals and predacons are deployed. Galrauch having been severely wounded is rebuilt to lead the predacons.

Razah makes an appearance tipping the balance of power in the predacon's favor.

First hostilities arise between the Decepticons and predacons.

Through backstabbing and scheming Valnir gains command of the Decepticons. He takes the predacon commander Galrauch prisoner.

Events of centerstageburnout

The Predacons and Decepticons start to war amongst themselves. The Maximals and Autobots are ignored.

Autobot technology advances significantly. Earthshaker makes another appearance destroying a seemingly abandoned space station before disipearing again.

The quintessons play there hand and are trumped by Earthshaker. After decimating the quintesson war fleet he advances into there territory.

The decepticon and predacon fued continues. With scattered skirmishes and raids being conducted all across the galaxy. Both factions increase there military strength.

Decepticon and predacon weaponry and wargear becomes more advanced and destructive.

After advancements in technology both the predacons and decepticons remain at a stalemate.

The gathering interceed and war starts anew between the decepticons and autobots. The decepticons and Predacons are beaten back by the autobot/maximal alliance with both sides sustaining heavy losses.

The Golden technology advancement period begins.

Valnir's flagship vanishes. He is declared missing. Razah takes over command of the predacons. Warstorm wrestles control of the decepticons away from the warring lieutenants.

An alliance between the Decepticons and predacons forces the autobots and maximals back.

Valnirs flagship reappears and he takes back command of the decepticons.

Events of centerstage1darkhawk

Galrauch escapes from Valnirs custody. A war begins between the predacons and decepticons.

Maximus prime takes command of the autobots. Starts a campaign and by making use of the rift between the enemies factions he begins to succeed.

The Nightwise incident. The members of the armorcollective vanish within one solar cycle.

With the forces of the decepticons vanquished and scattered there captured leaders are forced to sign the pax cybertronia.

End of the third great war, according to autobot history.

Decepticon splinter group finishes there reconstruction of unicron. Upon seeing the state of the universe this Unicron creates Lord Vulcan as a leader to unite everything under one banner. But without a suitable spark Vulcan is sent into space.

The claw crashes on caladaris. The Autobots migrate to all parts of the universe.

Vulcan becomes sentient due to absorbing the spark of a presence on caladaris.

Vulcan leaves Caladaris after repairing the claw. Which had also gained sentience. He starts to round up what decepticons He can locate.

Lord Vulcan becomes the decepticons emperor of darkness. Start of the fourth great war.

Events of Dark Future, Dark Mellenium and Extinction fan fics.

Events of centerstage9dusk

events of centerstageTyrantropevulcan

{I need to edit some of the material for the fan fic. I'll post them all once I've done what needs to be done to clarify some of the inconsistencies present in some of the episode posts I have. }
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Re: Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

Post by Deszaras on Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:39 pm

completely forgot about this little prequel I wrote for my fan fics. I'll post it for you as a taster of what is to come. {my spellchecker is screwed so there are some minor spelling mistakes present throughout}

the coming apocalypse. {Dark future prequel}

Part one. Preliminary background.

Featured characters:








DCharr galvatrons throne room.

"Blitzwing" Galvatron shouts his voice rining through the caverns of charr.

The triple change in jet mode flys into the throne room and transforms. "Mighty galvatron you bellowed." Blitzwing says as he lands.

Small unnoticable sparks appear on galvatrons head and he rises from his throne. "you are the reason we have not defeated the autobots" Galvatron shouts and kicks Blitzwing square in the chest. The triple changer flies accross the room and slams into the rock wall. Galvatron transforms and shoots him in cannon mode. Blitzwing is smashed through the wall and lands on top of his fellow triple changers. Now laughing Galvatron in robot mode walks out of the hole he has created. "Triple changers you are to bring me the fabled blue energon." He speaks in his sane voice.

"But mighty Galvatron... Octane starts

"You dare to question the emeperor of ash!" Galvatron roars the sparks playing about his head once more. He fires at octane sending the decepticon into another cavern wall. Laughing maniacally he then fires at the stalactites above blitzwing and astrotrain. The rocks falls and the two triple changers scatter. They grab octane and leave the cavern and the insane Galvatron behind them.

On board astrotrain enroute to the location of the blue energon.

"Damn that galvatron If he wasn;t our leader I'd pound him." blitzwing says as octane helps repair him.

"Whats Stopping us or any of the other decepticons from taking over?" Octane asks.

"Nothing" blitzwing replies a glint appearing in his eyes. "Is not this blue energon some kind of super fuel?"

"Yeah so whaa.. Oh I get it he he he" Octane chuckles at the thought. "But we need a plan."

"Blitzwing plugs his arm back into its socket and rotates it. "Lets finish repairing ourselves then think of a plan."

"agreed" octane replies.

Contempt IV a planet that orbits a ;larger planet which orbits a massive red gaint sun.

The red dust blows everywhere on the surface of the world as the triple changers exit astrotrain. all are now in robot mode so that they can use there scanners.

"Primus damnit we can't get any readings through this slagging dust." Octane retorts

"You think you have it bad the dust is clogging my joints" Astrotrain moans.

"Shut it we have to find that energon" Blitzwing shouts his voice distorted by the sandstorm.

"Signature detected. 300 meters, 150, 20.... Octane is dragged under the sand suddenly and then he is gone.

"What the slagging" blitzwing shouts.

Astrotrain dissapears in his vision and blitzwing transforms into his tank mode but the sand clogging his mechanisms traps him mid transformation. The sand wells up and he is sucked down through it. He is bash around and this dislodges the sand. He completes his transformatio and his tank mode it slung around as if he was in a pinball machine. He crashes into a solid lump of rock and is smashed clean through it. He strikes another rock and his armour crumples. He is thrown clear and strikes another rock. Blitzwuing loses consciousness and all goes dark.

Galvatrons throne room chaar. Ten breams after the triple changers disappear

"Cyclonus" Galvatron shouts and the decepticon jet walks in and Kneels.

"mighty galvatron." he speaks. Galvatron shoots him.

"Do not kneel" Galvatron shouts. "Find those Triple changers and tear them apart."

"Right away mighty galvatron" Cyclonus says as he leaves the throne room.

After gathering scrouge and the sweeps Cyclonus and his troops approach Contempt IV

As they enter the atmosphere a massive blue tinted explosion throws them back into orbit. The massive detonation tears the planet into small chunks. The blue shockwave passes over the decpetiocns and a single figure is highlighted by the flames of the planets destruction.
"Decepticons your judgement is upon you" The figure speaks with a menacing voice...

Part two. Realisation.

Featured characters:






The fallen




Motor master

Dead end

Wild rider




Thunder cracker




Contempt IV orbit

The shockwave from the destruction of the planet fades away Earthshaker simply scans the five decepticons hovering before him. "You are of unicon's design. All corrupted designs must be purged." He bellows.

"Fire" Cyclonus shouts and energy weaponry comes form the three sweeps and scourge.

The shots impact on earthsahkers chestplate and there energy is absorbed. "You fools have no idea." the blue energy grows in brightness and Earthshaker releases a shockwave. The blast hits the decepticons and they flash once. The screams of the decepticons reach Earthshaker "Your screams are music to me."

The shoke clears and five decepticons still stand. Skywarp, Thunder cracker, Bombshell, Shrapnel and Kickback stand there. "Purge complete are you loyal to megatron?" he asks.

"Yes but he doesn't exist" Skywarp replies. A sword appears at his throat.

"He does but he is trapped within the body of galvatron." Earthshaker roars. "You will come with me to charr and we shall purge galvatron."

"who are you you" Shrapnel asks.

"We are many that have beocme one." Earthshaker replies "we are the judgment and destruction of everything that ever was or ever will be."

Two bream earlier interior of Contempt IV

Blitzwing awakens in near darkness he stands which he finds odd as he was in tank mode before he blacked out. He looks around and sees his fellow triple changers there armour battered worse than his. A glow lights the chamber as another entity enters. "At last you are awake. I have been waiting an eternity for you to arrive. We have been linked for eons Blitzwing."

Fallen walks into the center of the chamber the triple changers fire and there shots pass through him. "Thats not very nice" Fallen says. "Come."

The triple changers follow The fallen as he leads them into a room covered in blue energon.

The triple changers fall over as they enter the room as the blue energon radition shorts out some of there systems. "You came for this I assume Fallen mocks as his ghost form removes a spear of blue energon from the rockface and he calmly walks over to a very large crystal with the spear in his hand.

"Nooo" Blitzwig shouts as Fallen rams the spear into the blue energon crystal.

Charr five breams after earthshaker leaves Contempt IV

Motormaster carries the offline carcass of dead end who has been blasted once more by Galvatron. "he lost the race eh boss" Dragstrip mocks.

Motormaster smashes him in the faceplate and he goes down onto his back. rock cracking from the impact. "Shut up" motormaster shouts harshly.

"ha ha ha ha He got smunched" Wildrider shouts. Motormaster gives him a lok that shuts him up.

"oh its a battle no a war on galvatron then." Breadown jitters.

Motor master shoots him in the chest with his gun. A harsh blue light blinds the stunticons as a group of decepticons land ahead of them. Motrmoaster transforms and heads for the landing site followed by his troops.

The landing had been flawless

Skywarp looked at there new ally and wondered 'what is he really'. Earthshaker had transformed into a tank and was making speed towards galavtrons thron when motormaster slammed into him. The tanks didn't move and motormaster was thrown backwards. "not very smart" Earthshaker remarked. "You are not corrupted do you wish to be rid of galvatron once and for all?" he akss them.

"very much so" motormaster replies.

"Come then we have much to do." Earthshaker replies.

In the distance a black jet watches and waits

"Just the distaction I need" he speaks quietly to himself before continuing to shadow the new warrior.

Galvatrons throne room.

Predaking and bruticus stand sentinel over the doorway as Earthshaker and his group approach.

"none shall pass as is the will of galvatron. "predaking says. Earthshaker stops.

"No one but megatron shall order me" Earthshaker replieas and fires his cannon.
The plasma shell fired from the weapon penetrates predakings chest and explodes spilling liquid plasma over the gestalts interior mechanisms. With smoke trailing from his chest predaking falls. The cannon rotates towards bruticus. "open the door or suffer the same fate as him." Earthshaker says calmly.

Bruticus opens the door and Earthshaker rolls up the slight incline and enters the throne room.

"who dares interupt my kingdom of silence." Galvatron shouts. and fires. the shot glances off Earthshakers armour. The return attack blows galavtron through the rear wall of his throne room.

galvatron tumbles down the incline and slams into a rock as earthshaker rolls towards him. A shot from galvatron lifts earthshaker from the ground and he transforms into robot mode sword out he lunges at galvatron. The decepticon rolls out of the way as the sword shatters the rock. Galvatron goes to fire again and Earthshaker grabs him around the head. Galvatrons body, spark and mind are scanned. Earthshaker throws him to the ground. "You are not megatron and never were" He speaks calmly.

"How dare you question me I am galvatron"

"oh its very simple" Earthshaker replies as he grabs galvatrons right foot. "You are made from the body of megatron but not the spark." he throws glavatron into the air and shoots the decepticon once with his plasma artillery cannon. Galvatron hits the ground with smoke pouring from half of his chest. Earthshaker pulls out his energon disrupter pistol and prepares to fire. A large black jet thrusts overhead and knocks earthshaker to the ground.

"He is mine" It shouts.

"Starscream." Galvatron roars at the jet and he starts to fire at it.

"my work here is done" Earthshaker says as he takes off.

"I am undefeatable I am Galvatron" Galvatron roars as starscream comes into for an attack run.

Five breams later - Charr

The decepticons finish rebuilding the coronation site under orders and they stand in attendance to witness:

The ascension of Starscream to leadership...

charr - bottom of a deep chasm.

A single purple hand is all that is visible under a pile of rubble. Skywarp and Thunder cracked do a final sweep for energy signatures. "No energy signatures detected Galvatron is definately dead.@ Skywarp shouts to thundercracker.

"Yeah lets return to base for some energon." Thundercracker replies.

"Fine by me" Skywarp replies.

As the roar of jets fades away the hand twitches..

part 3 :- loose ends
Featured characters:


Deadly Silence.

Sky shadow



Megatron - disembodied spark.



Galvatron pulls himself out of the rubble with a mighty heave. Both his legs are shattered and only his left arm remians but he still drags himself slowly from his tomb. "I will not die." He moans.

"No you won't" A voice answers him. Galvatron looks around and sees two three figures standing near him.

"Who" galvatron starts.

"I am warstorm and these are my companions Deadly silence. and overcast. You now belong to us Galvatron." He says.

"I belong to... Galvatron goes offline due to lack of power.

"You don't have a choice you peice of scrap." Deadly silence says and kicks Galvatrons offline form.

"Now my dear he is already offline so lets just take what we need" Overcast says. A spark extractor in his hand.

Altar of knowledge. 2nd Cybertron.
Earthshaker enters clamly and quietly. This world made by the decepticons as a last resort remins secret to all but a select few. In fact it is the real cybertron. Galvatron made the switch during the activation of the plasma energy chamber. He moved the real cybertron away and replaced it with his mock version.

A spark floats in a stasis tube.

"Lord Megatron" Earthshaker says kneeling before the spark.

"Yes my loyal minion." the spark replies through its external speaker.

"Galvatron has been destroyed. Fortress maximus will never function again. Optimus prime is depressed. and your master plan is proceeding according to your specifications."

"Excellent. Begin phase two."

"at once my lord" Earthshaker leaves megatron in his stasis chamber.


"you mean there were no remains of Galvatron?" Starscream asks. heads shake. "I'll have to look myself."

Starscream transforms and flys off leaving his decepticons to there own devices and he flys low over the ravine. Transforming and coming to a halt near the remains of Galvatron. Smiling Starscream picked up the sparkless carcass and flew back to his throne room.

The gathering - Location unknown.
Galvatron feels the body around him but this is different. his mind has changed but his aprk remians the same. He is in darkness and silence.
A light appears along with the scrolling words:
Unit: Destoroyah
Hydraulics: online
Powersupply: online
Sensors online
Optics: online
motor functions: online
Weaponry: online

The light gets brighter and the world comes into focus. the edges of his cocoon split open and he takes a step forward. He sees Warstorm, deadly silence and Overcast who he remmebers from before.

"Welcome Destoroyah" Warstom says "To the gathering"

Galvatron looks at his arms. one ends in a three pronged claw and the other is a nest of weapons. missileuanchers, lasers, machine guns and other more exotic weapons. "What have I become?" He asks. his voice surprises him in its difference to his old one.

"You are a cybertronian destroyer tank." Overcast replies.

"They were never constructed how did you get the plans?"

"I designed them" Overcast replies.

"Do you have somewhere I could test this new body." he asks.

"Follow me Destoroyah" Deadly silence says.

"Fine by me." Destoroyah replies following the robotrix.
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Re: Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

Post by Galvatron on Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:29 pm


You hold the record for the longest post here so far.

Don't forget to introduce yourself in the "Intro" thread.

Great to have you aboard.


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Re: Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

Post by Deszaras on Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:29 am

I've just put the entirety of my Dark future fan fic arc {Dark future, dark mellenium and extinction} into a word document.

294 pages containing 97,798 words. :affraid:

This is not counting aftermath {posted above} the timeline {again posted above} or the spin offs {Center stage, Hunters honour and aftermath}

So should I post the whole damn lot thus cuasing the sites server to :smash:

Or should I zip the whole lot and provide a Download link.
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Re: Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

Post by Ramjet on Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:47 pm

You should try to publish the sum-bitch!

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Re: Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

Post by Commander Megatron on Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:38 pm

I was thinking exactly the same thing Ramjet. Deszaras, we want signed copies of it!

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Re: Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

Post by Deszaras on Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:58 pm

Link to word document containing the Dark future Fan fic.

{You will probably need to view the bios for the characters via the links on this page
before reading it.}

[it is also formatted to display correctly if posted to a forum, so there are [i*] and [img*] tags throughout.]
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Re: Dark future, Dark mellenium and Extinction. {my fan fic universe}

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