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TFC Toys Heavy Labor (Hercules)

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TFC Toys Heavy Labor (Hercules)

Post by Sixshot on Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:09 pm

Manufacturer: TFC Toys
Release Date: Oct. 2011
Original MSRP: $96.95
Aftermarket: N/A. The 2nd run of this figure is available here. As well as BBTS, Robot Kingdom and other online retailers.
Size/Class/Dimensions: Voyager (6.5" in robot mode)
Repaints: Yes. Shattered Glass version named Perseus. Available for pre-order now!
KO: No

Heavy Labor, or Long Haul as we all know him, is also a very solid overall figure. This was the 2nd figure released by TFC Toys as part of their Hercules project. The first run of Heavy Labor was dealt a black eye when every single toy released had a major QC flaw. The hip ratchet socket doesn't allow enough clearance for the gears to operate. As a matter of fact it just shreds the teeth on the gear and leaves you with the squeak of death. The 1st run of TFC Toys Heavy Labor arrived with a replacement shovel/boom for Exgraver as there was a similar problem there. TFC Toys would later send out a replacement hip assembly for Heavy Labor with the 5th release. My only complaint is the fists store in the bed of the truck and are visible in his alt. mode. Plus side is, he's the biggest of the 6 constructicons in robot mode as he should be! Heavy Labor: 6.5" tall 5" across shoulder-to-shoulder.


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