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Ark's Manifest

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Ark's Manifest

Post by Ark on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:36 pm

Location: United States, Michigan, 48021

Rhino transformer generation 1 dvd boxsets:
Season 1 complete with 2 animation cells and insert book
Season 2 part 1 Complete with 2 animation cells and insert book

Unknown Accessories


Identified Accessories:

Diaclone pilots:
Green x 2

G1 Astrotrain Gun x 2
G1 autobot clones sonic boom rifle x 2
G1 bluestreak, laser gun worn, gun broken x 2 R&L launchers x 2, missile x 4
G1 buzzsaw/Laserbeak 1 1/2 set worn or damaged
G1 camshaft gun
G1 eject silver gun set
G1 frenzy/rumble - 1 set nice, 2 1/2 sets damaged or worn
G1 grapple/inferno missile, gun - damaged
G1 hoist - hand set, platform
G1 hound - launcher
G1 Inferno complete set, gun-damaged
G1 ironhide - gun, missile x 3
G1 jazz - missile launcher x 4 -3missing silver bits, gun broken, missiles x2
G1 jetfire boosters, l booster
G1 kickback gun - heavy chrome wear
G1 Laserbeak/buzzsaw 1 1/2 set worn or damaged
G1 megatron - upper and middle stock
G1 mirage - gun some wear, missiles x 3
G1 omega supreme - complete track, complete track minus section A, random track bit, 2 1/2 foot pairs, 2 back packs
G1 optimus prime trailer parts
G1 Prowl - gun, missiles x 3, launcher set, broken guns x 2
G1 ravage right missile
G1 red alert High-energy particle beam riffle x 2
G1 roadgrabber, small wheel cover set, 1 large wheel cover
G1 rumble/frenzy - 1 set nice, 2 1/2 sets damaged or worn
G1 skids twin electron blaster
G1 skywarp left main wing, left hand, right rudder
G1 soundwave missiles x 4, launcher
G1 springer laser
G1 starscream launcher
G1 steeljaw Left Gold Missile
G1 thrust - right tail wing
G1 thundercracker right main wing, left tail fin damaged, right rudder damaged, left rudder, long missile damaged, right hand
G1 topspin gun x 2 - 1 damaged
G1 tracks gun x 2, launcher mount, launcher set
G1 ultra magnus - head
G1 wheeljack shoulder cannon

G1 bruticus - chest, onslaught chest, blast off twin guns, brawl cannon
G1 Defensor - left foot, waist, right hand, first aid - Decrystallizer & connector, blades right twin launcher
G1 Devastator- head x 2, chest plate x 2, hands, drills x 4, bonecrusher-green gun broken handle, scavenger-gun x 2-1 broken off rear
G1 menasor - break down cannon & connector, dragstrip cannon & connector
G1 Piranacon stand riffle, connector x 2
G1 superion - gun, head, feet set

G1 countdown double laser
G1 groundshaker missile launchers x 2
G1 skyhopper front gun

G1 actionmaster axer cannon
G1 actionmaster inferno's - hydro pack
G1 actionmaster Krok's - Gatoraider
G1 actionmaster mainframe's - push button
G1 actionmaster optimus - blaster cannon
G1 actionmaster rollout's - glitch, long glitch arm
G1 actionmaster snarl's - Tyrannitron no tail
G1 actionmaster Treadshot's - Catgut - broken off front legs

G1 apeface shield
G1 Headmaster snapdragon, Krunk, purple gun

G1 powermaster optimus prime gun

G1 pretender bomb-burst laser
G1 Preteneder bumblebee riffle
G1 Pretender bugly belt, gun
G1 Pretender catilla gun, helmet
G1 Pretender Jazz riffle, laser
G1 Pretender longtooth large gun-damaged
G1 Pretender waverider gun

G1 Targetmaster
G1 Targetmaster dreadwind left laser
G1 Targetmaster scoop - tracer with broken off connector

shockwave decoy

g1/g2 inferno/grapple missile
g1/g2 optimas black rocket

G2 blowout hand gun
G2 cyberjets white missile x 6
G2 laser rod optimus small missile x 3, large missile x 1
G2 optimus missile launcher x 2, red missile x 3
G2 ramjet - left fist, left wing (broken peg for blue piece)
G2 ransack rotor launcher
G2 slag gun
G2 starscream spring fired missile launcher

G2 Devastator- drill x 2, blaster missile on sprue, long haul-gun

Beast Wars:
BW combiner maganboss mace 2, 2 wing swords, tail claw
BW combiner trippredacus blades X 3, swords X 3

BW Armordillo foot/mace
BW cybershark head missile x 2, dual launcher
BW inferno mandibles, missiles x 2
BW insecticon L&R crossbow halves
BW k-9 missile
BW megatron hip missile, squirter with tip
BW optimus primal sword
BW powerpinch pincer
BW razorbeast mane gun
BW rhinox recolor gun body x 2
BW Tigatron tail gun
BW turantuas launcher, missile x 1
BW waspinator stinger

BW fuzzor buzzclaw claw
BW fuzzor silverbolt left missile x 1, right missile x 2
BW fuzzor terragator tail riffle, shell shield

BW transmetal 2 cheetor missile, and tail
BW transmetal depthcharge tail cutlass
BW transmetal dinobot tail
BW transmetal optimal optimus head, arm shields x 4, clear missiles x 4
BW transmetal rattrap tail whip red, blue
BW transmetal Rhinox horn x 2
BW transmetal tarantulas gun and legs x 12

BW transmetal 2 cheetor tail, missile

BM chro missiles x 2
BM Hammerstrike weapon
BM jetstorm missile
BM striker grappling rocket/tail
BM tankor missile

optimus prime missile x 1
starscream ( skyquake repaint) missiles x 10

armada blurr launchers
armada red alert arm weapon 2
armada sideswipe gun, bayonet
Armada unicron missiles x 5, chest missile

cybertron crumplezone missile
cybertron Giant planet team purple missile
cybertron hot shot launcher
cybertron jetstorm missile x 2
cybertron megatron clear missiles x 2, gatling gun, cyberkey
cybertron override gun
cybertron ransack gun
cybertron ransack GTS gun
cybertron smokscreen launcher
cybertron voyager evac blades (only has 3 of 4 blades)

energon Alpha-Quintesson missile
energon strongarm gun/hook, energon chip
energon megatron clear swords x 2

RID camo armorhide pistol
RID destructicon Bludgeon gun
RID megatron launcher, missile x 2
RID Rapid Run Shield
RID scourge (KB toys version) hand gun
RID storm jet missile x 1
RID super prowl missile, L&R launchers
RID super x-brawn missile
RID rollbar cannon, pistol

RID ruination head

cyberkeys - vj40, 18p3

Classics starscream missile

Universe optimus prime gun
Universe sunstreaker engine accessory
universe walmart armorhide gun, cannon

Star Wars:
SW ARC-170 Clone pilot launcher x 2, missiles x 3
SW Boba Fett small gun, mini figure
SW clone pilot missile
SW General Grievous Walker gun laucher
SW millennium falcon dual missile
SW obi-wan kenobi lightsaber, spinner parts
SW tie fighter light saber, mini darth vader, spinner
SW x-wing missiles x 2, launcher, light saber, mini pilot parts

movie classic bumblebee gun x 1 missile x 3
movie strealth bumblebee gun
movie acree launcher - looks good but doesn't fire
movied deluxe barricade frenzy figure
movie deluxe Jazz gun

Collectors case

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Re: Ark's Manifest

Post by Ark on Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:34 pm

Boxes/Card Backs & Instructions

Beast Machines:
BM blast punch optimus primal
BM airraptor
BM mechatron
BM Dinotron
Bm snarl
BM triceradon
BM beast changer
BM quickstrike
BM longhorn
BM battle unicron
BM optimus primal
BM mirage
BM skydive
BM scavenger
BM night viper
BM striker
BM geckobot
BM mol
Bm thraust
BM silverbolt
Bm rav
BM obsidian
BM spy streak
BM oillo

Energon Unicron - black version


Alternators silverstreak
Alternators Smokescreen

Animated Atomic Lugnut
Animated Blazing Lockdown
Animated Blurr
Animated Bumblebee
Animated jetfire & jetstorm
Animated Ratchet
Animated Samurai Prowl
Animated Shockwave x 2
Animated Sunstorm
Animated Swindle
Animated Ultra Magnus
Animated waspinator
Animated Wreck-Gar

Armada air assualt minicon team
Armada air military minicon team
Armada air defense mini con team
Armada airazor with nightscream
Armada cheetor
Armada emergency minicon team
Armada hoist with refute
Armada hot shot with jolt
Armada jetfire with commettor
Armada nemesis with run-over
Armada night attack minicon team
Armada road assault minicon team
Armada predacon with side burn and skid-z
Armada sideswipe with nightbeat
Armada street speed minicon team
Armada rhinox with armorhide
Armada terrorsaur with ironhide
Armada thrust with inferno x 2
Armada skywarp with thunderclash
Armada wheeljack with wind sheer

BM Primal Prime
BM Supreme Cheetor

BW transmetal scavenger

Classics dirt rocket-grindor-oil slick

Collector's club topspin

commemorative series 1 hot rod
commemorative series 3 jazz
commemorative series 3 silverstreak

Cybertron Demolisher
Cybertron Megatron

Energon battle ravage
energon Bonecrusher
Energon cliffjumper torn
Energon cruellock x 2
Energon demolisher
Energon dive bomb x 2
Energon downshift
energon Duststorm
Energon insecticon
Energon ironhide
Energon jetfire
Energon landmine
Energon megatron
Energon mirage with catalog
Energon rapid run
Energon sharkticon
Energon shockblast
Energon signal flare
energon Sky shadow
Energon skyblast
Energon starscream
energon Steamhammer
energon Terradive
Energon Tow-line
energon treadshot
energon Ultra Magnus
Energon unicron with dead end
energon Wideload
energon Windrazor

RID dreadwind and smokejumper
RID jhiaxus
RID spychanger x-brawn & scourge
RID megabolt
RID x-brawn

ROTF breakaway
ROTF chromia
ROTF deep desert brawl
ROTF dirt boss
ROTF knock out
ROTF optimus prime
ROTF rampage
ROTF rollbar
ROTF sideswipe
ROTF sideways
ROTF skids
ROTF smokescreen

universe blackarachnia
universe countdown
universe cyclonus
universe darkwind
universe dinobot
universe dinobot striker
universe hot shot
universe inferno
universe ratchet
universe razorclaw
universe reptilion
universe silverbolt
universe smokescreen
universe snarl
universe spychanger optimus & ironhide x 2

20th anniversery optimus prime

japanesse megatron

dinobots x 2

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Re: Ark's Manifest

Post by Ark on Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:35 pm

Wreck Gar with both wheels and rubber and instructions and catalog, with gun.
Bombshell with weapon x 2.
countdown lunar rover & rocket
ramjet body and main wings
Seeker bodies(some of most all seekers
Thrust with wings, launchers, long missiles, landing gear
Skywarp complete except right main wing and left hand
Astrotrain complete with instructions and box images
duocon flywheel jet
battletrap truck and helicopter
kickback complete VERY NICE
Kickback complete very good
bombshell complete nice
chase x 2
hoist with many accessories maybe reissue
decepticon clones complete
f1 dasher
metroplex with plastic wheels, both hands, and many other accessories
rodimus prime cab only - very nice great stickers and rubber wheels
gears nice

grimlock complete good
swoop complete except 1 missile BEAUTIFUL
slag decent no accessories
sludge decent no accessories

optimus prime cab
Doubledealer body

Beastbox cassette- very nice, 1 gun with chrome wear and damaged fin

sky high robot
grimlock robot
jazz robot - heavily yellowed
skullgrin robot missing 1 hand
bumblebee robot
catilla robot
sky hammer outer vehicle and robot
Skyhigh robot
splashdown robot
submarauder robot and shell
cloudburst shell and inner robot

Brainstorm Body - no canopy and legs very stiff
Apeface Parts
skullcruncher body and tail, 2 of each

Action masters:
grimlock's anti-tank cannon
Krok's Gatoraider
Shockwave and Fistfight- no arms
Snarl's Tyrannitron no tail

jackpot complete

quickmix no accessories
scoop, smokestack broke off

targetmaster zigzag for needlenose
targetmaster sunbeam for needlenose

skystalker - with pod and 1 small laser, 2 ramps, large cannon
skystalker with 1 wing, and 1 wing
anti-aircraft base 100% complete
anti-aircraft base partial
flattop with plane
falttop complete
overload trailer x 2
loose individuals and combiners
roughstuff complete expect for back bar
roughstuff trailers x 2

countdown rocket, and lunar rover - missing radar dish
erector trailer and cab

sideswipe no accessories

Inferno with 1 hand & 1 nozzle
starscream, both big wings, both tail fins, sound box, 1 hand
space case loose joints
turbofire with gun but missing arm
eagle eye complete

Vortex with 2 weapons

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Re: Ark's Manifest

Post by Ark on Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:35 pm

Minicons, many complete teams and loose figures

Bat & Crocodile, optimus primal, megatron complete set with comic
cheetor with gut gun
snarl no weapon
scarem x 2
transmetal cheetor no tail weapon x 2
transmetal cheetor complete
transmetal optimus primal no gun
transmetal optimus primal complete
optimus minor complete
sonar complete
buzz saw with launcher
retrax x 2
transmetal rattrap complete
transmetal tarantulas complete
magna boss complete except 2 brown missiles

defensor complete
devastator complete
depthcharge - complete except for the 5th disc
Desert Camouflage Ruination Complete

Classics 2.0:
prowl complete
hot shot complete - american version

Ultra Magnus complete except 1 missile. Damage to front grill
Ruination Complete with instructions
Armorhide Complete
Movor Complete
Ro-tor Complete
basic ultra magnus with sealed instructions
basic optimus prime with instructions
basic optimus prime in yellow
axer - complete

smokescreen & liftor
Demolisher has 4 missiles, also another without missiles
Scavenger with Rollbar minicon
Red Alert with 1 arm gun, missile, disk and longarm minicon and instructions
Green Cyclonus, missing tail with 2 missiles and Crumplezone, missing turret
blue cyclonus with 1 missile, and crumplezone - with some damage
thrust - some damage, inferno minicon, with launcher and 1 missile
hot shot
McDonalds Demolisher complete
optimus prime gigacon with clear guns and main gun
blurr and 2 launchers and part of incinerator minicon
jetfire with comettor shield, landing gear
adventure team minicons
street speed team minicons- oval damaged

Tidalwave gunboat

Strongarm Complete
super powerlinx optimus prime complete
inferno with missile. Broken corner and missile 1 panel
Dark starscream complete
snowcat no missiles with instructions
doom-lock no accessories
scorponok- missing a couple bits
perceptor minicon team complete
omega supreme - missing minicon and a couple bits.

Dirt Boss with cyberkey and downshift minicon, missing face
Defense Hot Shot
micro thundercracker
starscream ultra - no wings or accessories
Jetstorm complete
ultra scourge no accessories
scourge no accessories
Vector Prime complete
galaxy force vector prime complete & instructions
sideways 1 blade
thundercracker complete
primus complete with unicron head too

voyager optimus prime complete
voyager optimus with broken silver gun
JP grimlock - has chrome chest and feet in G1 colors, with comic, instructions and card
ramjet complete
starscream complete
hound complete no ravage

Star Wars:
general grievous starfighter
millennium falcon near complete
republic gunship

2007 movie:
cyber slammers

Fast Action Battlers:
Fusion Blast Megatron no accessories

Dreadwing no accessories
jazz complete
bumblebee complete
classic bumblee complete
acree complete with instructios
battle damaged arcee missing missile
swindle complete

Voyager Class:
ironhide complete
ratchet with part of weapon

Premium Class:
optimus prime- missing 1 cover panel

good knight,cop-tur parts, loco parts, turbo, dumper, road ranger, crasher, ko white crasher x 2, blaster parts, small foot parts, flip top no blade, pincher
super gobot staks - smoke stack

tilt, bandit
rex-very rough

Elephander - parts still bagged
Bear Fighter - parts still bagged
Gorilla action figure- with miniature pilot, no weapons
Insect - wined up toy

Voltron, metal with movable limbs but doesn't seperate



Non-transformer robots:
super human samurai syber squad deluxe xenon
generic insecticons
generic vehicles
power ranger micro zords
power ranger zord

Games: (starters, packs, boosters, singles)
Transformers attacktix
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Re: Ark's Manifest

Post by Ark on Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:32 am

updated items
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Re: Ark's Manifest

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