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Dr. Wu Battle Blades

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Dr. Wu Battle Blades

Post by Detective Barricade on Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:05 pm

Transformers Prime First Edition Voyager Optimus Prime (egad that's a mouthful...) is a great toy. His weapons, however...well, one is kind of weak. And that is the sword accessory. The Prime Robots in Disguise Voyager has a sword, but not his arm blades from the show.

Enter Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu makes small accessory add-ons and weapons for figures, both official and unofficial. The Dr. Wu Battle Blades set provides a new pair of sword accessories that accurately reflect Optimus' arm blades from the show.

The Battle Blades come packaged in the most awesome of packages: a pair of little zip-top baggies stapled together. That's it. Nothing fancy. However, they aren't simply copies of the sword that the First Edition Optimus came with. These are cast in ABS plastic rather than the PVC of the original. The hand cover is also shorter, and the blade is also just slightly shorter yet also slightly wider. In addition to that, they appear much sharper and lack the gap on the side that the original sword had. They're entirely coated in silver paint, except for the inside of the hand covers and the peg, with a little gunmetal on the parts just before the blades. While not very exciting, this is show accurate and looks better than the cyan on the top of the original. One little word of warning, however. The very tips are a bit pointy, and the blades themselves, while not fragile, are going to be more prone to breakage than the original if the figure were to land on them should he take a tumble from a shelf a considerable distance above a hard floor. (whereas the original would be bent but otherwise fine) Okay that was more than one word of warning, but still!

Are these worth it? For your First Edition or Prime Robots in Disguise Voyager Optimus, and for less than $20, heck yes! And for the latter, while you're at it you may as well get some proper cannons for the boss bot at the very least to replace the...lackluster at best Powerizer weapon.


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