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Impossible Toys Closing Shop

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Impossible Toys Closing Shop

Post by Detective Barricade on Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:54 pm

Impossible Toys has announced some news. And not the good kind. They're going out of business by the end of this year. Check the link to their site here, or just read the message mirrored below.

Impossible Toys wrote:Dear fans,

it is with great regret to let everyone know Impossible Toys will be closing its doors and no longer be producing toys at the end of 2013. We feel its important we explain so here it is......This is due to weak pre-orders sales on the Tetra Squadron, We anticipated higher but it appears we no longer have the support from the fandom we used to. We are not sure if this is due to so many new 3rd party companies in the market or if fans are just not interested in non mainstreamed G1 style characters and products anymore, Well from us anyway......

The last 3 toys released prior to the Tetra Squadron and Alicon we did not recover from, (Alpha Tryon, Kranax, Arblilas) only about 250pcs of each made it to market. So low sales numbers and high expenses don't usually allow a company to continue. We have made every effort possible to improve every time and the Alicon and Tetra Squadron are our most superior product we have produced to date but we cant sell enough numbers to allow to keep making new products.

We have read many forums and respect your thoughts good and bad. So with that said the first 7 Tetra Squadron toys are being released but only a small number of around 1000pcs each world wide, and a 2nd small run of Alicons that are almost completed to fill the current preorders and give those that missed out one final chance, if we can budget the last planned 4 Tetra Squadron toys (Acid-Stomer and 3 Rain-Makars) we will do those in the around same small 500-1000 pcs numbers too, but those are pending for now, So please expect these to not happen unless something major changes,

We have another project that has already been in the works with the Tetra Squadron and already finished but we did not announce, I know you hate teasers but one is posted on the left if you did not notice. This will be the final release from us and details will be released in the next few weeks, Again these will be released in extremely small numbers, So to our long time supporters please act fast to avoid paying crazy aftermarket prices like the Quint-01 and TRNS-01,

All older products have been sold off and discontinued for some time now so any stock on older products you might find at online retail is the last of it, please do not expect restocks, if there is anything your still looking for your best bet is to look at one of our online retailers if they still have stock or maybe Ebay,

Being the first 3rd party group to make a 100% new factory production toys we have made many friends over the years and always tried our best to improve but times change. We started this as fans to make toys we wanted and could never have as kids, then thought it would be nice to share them with our fellow fans but it seems G1 fans are not as interested as they used to be, Well in us anyway.

We thank all those fans and customers that have supported us over the years before this 3rd party thing became so crazy. The Tetra Squadron toys will arrive to all our online retailers in the next couple weeks to fill the preorders, So we hope you enjoy your final Impossible Toys products, its been a great time.

Till all are...........

Also, I'd like to credit Cascadia of the Lair's sister site, The Shadow Realm, for this bit of...unfortunate news.


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Re: Impossible Toys Closing Shop

Post by Sixshot on Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:35 am

That's really unfortunate news, but I'm not really all that surprised. I think the Quints were the best figure they ever produced and those didn't even transform. The Allicons are also nice, guess I won't be getting an army of those in the near future. That was probably the only current figure they have out I even had a vague interest in (though at clearance prices, I'm not going to lie). The only Imp. Toys figure I personally own are the TRNS-01 & TRNS-02. And both of those were dreadfully awful. Really steered me away from purchasing anything made by that company at that company's asking prices (which were high).


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