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G1 Originals for Sale

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G1 Originals for Sale

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:23 pm

Collection clearout!

G1s in really nice condition for those looking to fill holes in their own non-in-a-box collection.

When I say “complete”, I mean all
the accessories, plus the tech spec card and instruction book, if they
came with one. Some of them still have the red film to look at the tech
specs, but not all.

None are reissues or knockoffs; they were fresh off the shelf out of a
Hasbro box bought by me when new, probably at a Toys R Us.

All were taken out of the boxes and have been transformed at least once,
but not often. They either sat on display or packed away, mostly the
latter. Never played with by kids. There's no broken wings, missing
feet, cracked canopies, nothing.

Here's the list of what I have available. Click the link at the end for photos.

Sideswipe: Complete $75.00

Windcharger: Complete $15

Huffer: Complete $15

Gears: Complete $15

Brawn: Complete $15

Steeljaw: Complete $25

Rewind: Complete $25

Eject: Complete $25

Ramhorn: Complete $25

Megatron: Complete pre-rub. A little bit of slight sticker as in you can
tell they aren't brand new, but no peeling, anything like that. He
looks good! He is outfitted with an orange barrel plug per Federal Law.

Soundwave with Buzzsaw: Complete; Buzzsaw’s leg broke at the pivot pin when new, was repaired, has held up for 25 years. $95.00

Ravage: Complete $30

Rumble: Complete $30

Frenzy (gold weapons): Complete $30

Frenzy: (silver weapons): Complete, tip of one weapon broken off, have tip $22

Laserbeak: Complete $35

Thrust: Complete $75

Pictures can be found here.


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