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TFC Toys Structor (Hercules)

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TFC Toys Structor (Hercules)

Post by Sixshot on Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:37 pm

Manufacturer: TFC Toys
Release Date: Dec. 2011
Original MSRP: $96.95
Aftermarket: N/A. The 2nd run of this figure is available here. As well as BBTS, Robot Kingdom and other online retailers.
Size/Class/Dimensions: Voyager (6.5" in robot mode)
Repaints: Yes. Shattered Glass version named Perseus. Available for pre-order now!
KO: No

Structor, or Scrapper as we all know him, is the Constructicons leader. And TFC Toys version is probably one of the highlights of the set. I like him in all 3 modes and have no complaints. The head sculpt is pretty detailed too. A nice figure that's a little smaller (3.5" across shoulder-to-shoulder) than the previous two releases but designed well.


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