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Post by Dirge on Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:14 pm

Wondering about getting my remaining G1s AFA graded. Is it worth doing?


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Re: AFA?

Post by Sixshot on Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:05 pm

Have a look here. What you need to be looking at for "opened, boxed toys" is the AFA Qualified Grading Scale:
Scroll down until you see that header box....

Looks like the more you spend, the quicker the turnaround is on getting your toy back too....imagine that, lol. I'd suggest becoming a member as the rates are cheaper, too.

I say it's worth it if you have a nice specimen that would receive a good grade. Personally, once the toy was graded and shipped back to me, I'd sell it to make more money to buy more MIB toys (and of course replace the one I just sold)


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