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Reflectors Reprolabel Reviews

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Re: Reflectors Reprolabel Reviews

Post by Sixshot on Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:19 am

I LOVE the Constructicorp tires! These guys really needed a label set too. Little nuances were brought to light that I wouldn't have even noticed before even though they were still sculpted in the plastic. C'mon Hasbro!! Quit skimping on the paint apps.. :rant:


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Re: Reflectors Reprolabel Reviews

Post by Galvatron on Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:18 pm

KFC TRANSISTOR, Hifi, Fader & Rover


As you can see in the picture, Autoscout got a complete makeover of labels. The set comes with A and B side labels. I only places the A side on mine. It didn't turn out that great.
As you can tell... Tranforming the figure causes some of the lables to crunch up in a few places.
Eject and Rewind get the needed additional shoulder, knee and shin labels.

I chose not to install the blue shoulder labels. I didn't think it was necessary.

Some added chrome on the side of the radio gives Blaster some really great detail

More beautiful chrome added to the other side as well

I didn't add the light bars that go on the tape deck door. I might add them later. I personally think he looks just fine without them.
There is a TON of added detail to the front of the radio thanks to the labels. Chrome rings around the speakers, tape deck buttons, the JVC logo and the chrome just makes everything stand out.

I really love what Reprolabels does to the cassette tapes. These are actually double sided printed stickers. With the cover art on the outside with song titles printed on the inside.

My only complaint is Eject's labels did not come with an Autobot logo like Rewind did. So I had to improvise.
Eject's set also did not comeĀ  with a "tape" sticker like Rewind did.. circled in the picture below

Rewind and Eject also come with lables that cover over one side of the cassette mode.
They are the same thing that's already painted on the figures.
The labels help protect the figures as well as give them a shinier look.
I found no purpose to install them but I am keeping them in case I change my mind someday.

You can get these labels at

Transistor & Hifi come as a set
Fader and Rover sets are sold seperatly.

Stay tuned for Steeljaw and Ramhorn review coming soon to a Lair near you


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