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Series review Digimon Xros Wars

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Series review Digimon Xros Wars

Post by SuperOmegaPrime on Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:07 pm

I thought I'll review another anime series I like, this time Digimon Xros Wars, its got two dubs, one known as Digimon Fusion Battles, while the other goes by Digimon Fusion, I seen bits of the dubs and they don't impress me much, the ordinal jap version is FAR superior, warning spoilers are contained for the series!
Anyway, for those who haven't seen Digimon, its a little like Pokemon but more grown up, the basic idea is, there are two worlds normally, the human world and the digital world, the Digital World is in trouble and a select few humans are chosen to save it by fighting along side Digimon and providing them with the power to evolve to another level for a short time! Unlike Pokemon, the evolutions are normally short term when the digi-device is used, anyway, season 6 is vastly different to its predecessors, it takes the idea of combining and goes in a different way, also its split into three parts and this review is for part 1!
Season 6 story follows kids again:
The primarily human charater is Kudo Taiki, the dub names him Mikey Kudo:

Taiki, is a kind person, who has a big heart and always is trying to help people out when their in trouble, he has a red X-loader (this series digi-device), his adventures begin when he hears a voice of a dying digimon in the real world or human world, whatever you prefer, he finds the dying Digimon and then a mysterious voice asks him if he wants to save that Digimon, its then he gets his X-loader and he and two of his friends get sucked into the Digital world!
Hinomoto Akari, she is the first of the two female human characters in parts 1 & 2, part 3 does add another female character, but this is for part 1 of the show which is the first 30 eps!

Akari, is pretty close to Taiki, childhood friends, thou its hinted there might be more yet its not really explored in any of the three parts, Akari doesn't have a X-loader, thou in some ways her partner Digimon is technically Cutemon, Akari is kind hearted, also she helps out in her own way, because Taiki tends to burn himself out through his own actions and the fact he just can't turn his back on anyone!
The second male human character is Tsurugi Zenjirō:

Zenijiro is kind of the comical relief character at times, thou he also declares himself Taiki's rival at Kendo, over the course of the series, he proves himself loyal to his friends, he also develops a serious crush on the second female character of the series!
There are two more humans for part 1 of the series but first I want to do some of the digimon:
First up is Shoutmon:

Shoutmon was the Digimon Taiki and friends encountered in the human world, back then he was dying after a battle, Taiki with the X-loader saves his life and restores him to full health, Shoutmon is the protector of his home village and Zone, thou small in size, he has a big heart and a serious dream, he wants to become the Digimon King, not for selfish reasons but to protect the weak, he also the founder of Team Xros Heart, thou to start with it didn't have a name until Taiki gave it a name, in effect Shoutmon is Taiki's partner Digimon but he also makes up the centre of the team main Digixros!
Next we have Ballistamon:

Ballistamon is effectively a large colourful speaker with a few extra features, he isn't much of a talker, but he plays a major role in the series as apart of team Xros Heart main DigiXros, I'll explain DigiXros shortly!
The third Digimon is Dorulumon:

For those who seen Monster Rancher, I know what your thinking, he a bit of a rip off from one of their characters, anyway Dorulumon at first isn't allied with Xros Heart, he a alone wolf of sorts, traveling with Cutemon to find Cutemon's parents, yet as the series processes he evenly joins Xros Heart and regularly becomes apart of the main DigiXros!
By now, you'll notice I write Digi-Xros, you say it as "Digi-Cross" the idea of Digi-xros is a lot like the fusion from the second season but a lot more Digimon, when Shoutmon, Ballistamon, combine they become Shoutmon X2, then add Dorulumon you get X3, then adding Starmon and Pickmonz to get X4, which becomes the primarily Digimon for Xros Heart until a lot later in the season:

The image above is X4K or X4knight as they say which is Shoutmon X4 plus Knightmon and Pawnchessmon!
Xros Heart does pick up a few more members as the series goes on, Xros Heart has several goals in mind, one is to collect the Code Crown, the second is to protect weak Digimon from the enemy, the third is to stop the primarily enemy the Bagra Army, who are the primarily villains for the first two parts of the show! The Bagra Army is after the code crown as well, along with a third army known as Blue Flare!
Blue Flare is Xros Heart rival team, lead by Aonuma Kiriha:

Kiriha at first is interested in Taiki's strength and wanted to make him his subordinate, but Taiki turns him down, Kiriha's Blue Flare is all about strength and he cares little for those who lack strength to the point he willing to throw away Digimon he deems to weak, a lot of the time he has a cold icy look in his eyes, yet there is more to him than that, a couple of points during the series he teams up with Xros Heart for battles against the Bagra Army forces!
Kiriha's main partners are Greymon:


Together they make MetalGreymon:

MetalGreymon is pretty much a power house Digimon, thou a not great deal on speed, he doesn't get much character development in the series, yet he is loyal to Kiriha!
The second female human character of the series is:
Nene Amano:

Nene, at first is looking for a strong boy and watching through Monitamons, evenly she teams up with Kiriha and later betrays him, for personal reasons which is why she has a dangerous Digimon who can't be trusted in her forces!
Nene doesn't have as many Digimon as Taiki does, but here's the run down on them:

These chaps are ninjas, as well as walking TV sets, plus they can be comical at times, especially in the Digimon Data collection corner where they make jokes about the Digimon they just had on!
Nene, next has Sparrowmon:

Sparrowmon, is effectively Nene's best friend in the Digital World, he can combine with Shoutmon X4 to form X5 and effectively giving Shoutmon the ability to fly at high speeds!
Nene's third Digimon, is the dangerous one I mentioned:

Darkknightmon, is not Nene's friend, more he is the boss of team Twilight which Nene is the general of, his motives for the most part surround making the Darkness Loader, which can force Digi-Xros any number of Digimon into one form! He also serves as one of the main villains in the first two parts of Xros Wars!
The primarily villains of the series is the Bagra army with its three commanders:
First I'll start with the only female villain Lilithmon:

She's kind of obsessed with her looks yet, when she looses she get really mad, at one point she blew Xros Heart on purpose into another zone, she one time prior to that fused one of her officers with another creature, thou for a time he went round as a lollypop for that creature until Xros Heart beat it, she also tried to trick Akari into getting Lake Zone Code crown and giving it to her, thou ultimately her plan failed because of Xros Heart's bonds of friendship!
The second general of Bagra army is Blastmon:

Blastmon is obsessed with his own shine, he also extremely powerful, but unlike the other two main generals, he a moron, effectively all brawn, no brain, he also of the officers the one with the least amount of Code Crowns, to try and boost his number of Code Crowns he challenges Blue Flare in the Disk Zone, thou he looses the fight thank to the fact the brawl broke apart the zone! A bit later in a different Zone that's under Xros Heart protection he challenges them to a fight which again he looses but its more a major defeat for him because he not only looses all of his code crowns but his body as well, ending up as a head that complains a lot!
The third general of the Bagra army is the most dangerous Tactimon:

Tactimon serves as the primarily antagonist for part one, he highly intelligent and prefers things to go perfectly, his sword was sealed by his boss Bagramon prior to the start of the series but later, he has it unsealed so that he can fight Xros Heart more effectively, however in ep 29 he looses a battle against Xros Heart and Blue Flare and is blown into the human world where his final battle takes place!
The true villain of the series is Bagramon:

For most of part 1, he takes a back seat to his minions, but in ep 29 he makes his move to steal all of the code crowns from Blue Flare and Xros Heart, then sends Taiki, Akari, Zenjirō and Shoutmon back to the human world and accidentally it seems sends Tactimon along with them!
That's the central cast out of the way, now I'll explain some of the things that I mentioned:
Code Crown, a Code crown when it first appears looks like a golden diamond but its really looks like a SD card with a golden shield and there is a total of 108 which also means there is a 108 zones, thou the series only visits a handful of those zones! The Code crown when all have a owner respond to the owner's desire in Taiki's case because he cares so much about the Digimon it took the defeated Bagra army soldiers and made them good guys!

One thing I didn't mention but crops up in the series is digi memories which were legendary Digimon, some of the previous series Digimon and they look a lot like SD cards but much longer and thinner, for the most part their used by Taiki to help change the situation in a battle or to get out of a fix! In ep 30 we learn the origins of the Digi memories from Omegamon who also a Digi memory and he was the one who choose Taiki to help save the digital world! By this point Xros Heart been split up and scattered! Taiki and his two human friends face a major crisis when Tactimon shows up in the human world and absorbs digital energy to power himself up, yet thanks to Akari & Zenjirō, Shoutmon was able to evolve to face down Tactimon over water!

Thou Xros heart gains victory in the human world, Taiki had decided to return to the Digital world to help save it from Bagramon's evil power and get back the Code Crown! Part one of the series is kind of made up of a bunch of mini arcs encompassing one zone at a time, part 2 follows a similar pattern thou it get steadily longer as the story grows more complex, but at the mo, I'm not giving away any details until I've watched part 2 from start to finish!fuQ


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