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Xovergen TF-01 TrailerForce AKA Master Armour review

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Xovergen TF-01 TrailerForce AKA Master Armour review

Post by SuperOmegaPrime on Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:29 pm

Ok, on the hint from Galvatron, I'm doing a light reviewing of this bad boy:

Ok, I'll start off with the robot modes, there is technically two robot modes, the first I'm showing off is the one where you put an Optimus prime figure into the torso, thou its meant primarily for Classics/Henkei mold, so the Nemesis prime or Ultra Magnus repaints of that mold would work, here is with Henkei OP in:

This pic has the Optimus prime from the ordinal power master toy inside of it, the set comes with adapters to enable the two G1 toy figures to tow the trailer and have the head on in robot mode:

The second robot mode is really back to front version of the other, the round bit in the center of chest is the connector for vehicle mode, so the trailer can be towed along:

Base mode:

Base mode against G1 base mode:

Trailer with Henkei Optimus:

Trailer with G1 PM Optimus:

Truck mode side by side:

The heads:

The big hand guns, with these, they have fold down handles for robot mode but other wise, any figure with a standard 5ml hand hole can handle it:

Finally the extra plastic that they failed to in cooperate into robot mode and serves as a holder for weapons:

Overall, its not a bad set, thou I'm not very keen upon the trailer mode because its a pain to get the legs just right because its like having him trying to shit himself, procession, but then again, the base mode is also a pain, its mostly down to the ratchet joints in the legs, there are a few things I would of done differently, one would be the hands, instead of attach on pieces to the arms, take up the G1 style of having it pull in or more modern style of hands folding away, thou he has articulated fingers, similar to that of Generations Metroplex! The G1 toy, for vehicle mode, you could put his head away in the back of the trailer but on this set, there is no such option, its one of four bits (depending which cab is towing) that have no home!

Recommend this, yes, if you want a Power Master Optimus, thou in the works is a upgrade that will upgrade this set to Apex prime or better known as God Grini thou its part of the way there with just this set, since the arms are styled like that, thou that comes in two pieces for each arm, one with the small guns, the other without! The downfall of this, would be how much they attempted to try and recreate the ordinal but also trying to be modern about it at the same time! As far as trailer armours go, about the best around, is Fansproject Protector, thou this isn't to bad, in places, it feels like there wasn't a lot of heart and its more just a filler until the upgrade to make God Grini comes along, thou from what I saw ages ago when I watched a video review, is that the G1 chest plate could be fitted onto the robot mode, but I'm going to wait for the upgrade to come around!

I give this 3 & a half stars, if your going to get it, get it for the robot mode than the trailer or base mode, with the base mode, the extra plastic from truck mode attaches onto the legs and slides into a gap around the crotch area!

Any questions, feel free to ask me!


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Re: Xovergen TF-01 TrailerForce AKA Master Armour review

Post by Galvatron on Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:46 am

thanks SOP. Looks good


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