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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 3 - Metalstorm

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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 3 - Metalstorm

Post by Detective Barricade on Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:35 am

Maketoys is a company that I've mentioned before, but haven't had the pleasure to own anything made by them until now. This review series will be of the (as of this review) latest in their MTCombiner series, Quantron. There will be no conclusion until the end because of one important factor - Quantron comes as a set, just like Type 61 Giant before it and more than likely Guardia after it. I've reviewed Blindfire and Celeritas already, so let's take a break from the small fry and look at Metalstorm!

Metalstorm turns into a massive gunship of sorts. White, red, dark red, dark grey, and translucent orange are all present, with gold, silver, and gunmetal picking out many of the details. Being the core of Quantron, he gets to lug around all the combiner parts. This is his armored form, and sort of replaces G1 Scattershot's gun emplacement mode. I can't say I mind not having some sort of base mode, especially when the armored mode looks so ridiculously awesome. I'm not so much of a fan of the combiner head just sticking out in the back like a sore thumb, though there's a... halfhearted attempt to hide it. A pair of landing skids can be deployed in the back, and that's it for what he can do in this mode. But I feel a need to show just how big this mode is... Hm, what can I use?

How about FansProject's Causality Diesel? As in, the whole of Diesel's vehicle mode. And he's still not quite as long as Metalstorm. That's pretty darn big! Now to the robot mode... which mostly involves taking all that stuff off. Yay.

Transformation isn't hard, considering it's just unfolding the balled up robot. And no, it's impossible for Metalstorm to end up with the... most unfortunate mistransformation Scattershot was capable of. At any rate, the robot mode looks a lot like G1 Scattershot updated. The only new color is turquoise for the visor. Metalstorm has roughly 24 points of articulation, with nearly everything in the legs being ratcheted. I mention this now because it ties into a big problem right out of the box - his ball jointed ankles are very loose, and he's quite back heavy with the huge chunk of ship on his back. (it has a few more things to do, including hiding the combiner head, but I'll get to those in the final review) Even without that, the ankles are a bit too weak to properly support him without falling over. Some floor polish fixes the issue right up, but it's there so I've got to mention it. Everything else is fine though, and I love the translucent orange showing in this mode. His weapons consist of a pair of rifles... that have some sort of removable piece. I haven't a clue why they come off. I'm considering just gluing them in place.

Now, I know you're wondering just how he compares to Diesel in this mode. (probably not because of the pic earlier) Well... not too badly, actually. They're pretty close in size to one another. They both can utilize the unused parts of the vehicle mode/combiner parts to arm up, and it looks kind of silly doing it so it's not shown. Just... imagine the wing boosters stuck to the sides of his legs.

So there ends Metalstorm's review. We'll get to the remaining guys in the set shortly, so look forward to it!


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Re: Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 3 - Metalstorm

Post by Galvatron on Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:18 pm

Detective Barricade wrote:And no, it's impossible for Metalstorm to end up with the... most unfortunate mistransformation Scattershot was capable of.

Thanks for answering my question before I can ask


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