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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 5 - Sonicdrill

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Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 5 - Sonicdrill

Post by Detective Barricade on Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:12 pm

Maketoys is a company that I've mentioned before, but haven't had the pleasure to own anything made by them until now. This review series will be of the (as of this review) latest in their MTCombiner series, Quantron. There will be no conclusion until the end because of one important factor - Quantron comes as a set, just like Type 61 Giant before it and more than likely Guardia after it. Go back and check the reviews of Blindfire, Celeritas, Metalstorm, and Overheat if you haven't already, for today we look at the last member of the group, Sonicdrill. ...Or is it Sonic Drill? Certainly not Sonic Screwdriver, I don't think Quantron is a Time Lord, and definitely doesn't have a TARDIS.

Sonicdrill turns into the most classic of Sci-Fi vehicles, a drill tank. Drill tanks are awesome. He has no less than three different shades of grey, but is primarily brown with translucent red for the pieces of the canopy. And there's some yellow and gunmetal painted in to liven him up. He's overall very solid in this mode, but getting him into this mode is a little tricky. The problem is with the knees - they need to be folded a certain way or things won't line up. The secret is to get them into a V shape. Anyway, about the only thing this Nosecone lookalike can do in this mode is spin the drill - he has no wheels to roll with under his treads at all. The block thing just behind the drill is important for combined mode, though doesn't make much sense here. And because I know someone out there will demand it, a size comparison with T-Bone.

The drill makes him a little longer... but only just a little. Robot mode time!

I've already covered transformation earlier, since it's trickier to get him into drill tank mode than it is to robot mode, so let's just move on. ...and we've gone from Doctor Who to Gurren Lagann. In all seriousness, I like how Sonicdrill can actually make use of the drill in robot mode, although it can't spin when attached to his arm. He gets a spot of turquoise for his left eye, the right eye being covered by an eye lens... thing. The blocks now attached to his shoulders are mainly just there for storage. They'll play an important part later for combined mode. He bears only a passing resemblance to G1 Nosecone, but again looks cool so it doesn't matter so much. Sonicdrill features an impressive 24 points of articulation... but his wrists normally can't turn because of the under-slung guns pegged underneath them. As an added trick, he's got secondary manipulator arms that fold out from his treads, though I don't normally deploy them. And before anyone asks, he's the same size as Blindfire and the other limb guys.

So that's it! Or is it? That's the last of the individuals, but there's one more review to cover...


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Re: Maketoys MTCombiner Quantron Part 5 - Sonicdrill

Post by SuperOmegaPrime on Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:11 am

The vehicle mode looks weird, it kind of reminds of me something taken from the 60s kids show, Thunderbirds, thou not its mole vehicle thou!


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